Big Road ELD Device – Complete Buying Guide

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big road eldDue to changing state laws, more and more drivers, as well as fleet operators opt for advanced ELDs. Big Road is famous for developing user-friendly and effective logging devices. You will enjoy a reliable and quick data login that is easily accessible.

Both commercial and private drivers can maintain their jobs through authentic HOS data. It’s time to leave the hard documents and save everything electronically through the internet. Like drivers and managers, customers can also enjoy electronic media with live customer support.

You can install the device in a few minutes, so be happy if you are new to this technology. The device works well for short fleets having vehicles of the limited lease duration. The manufacturing of the DashLink is so that you can use it in both hot and cold weather.

 Some prominent features of BigRoad ELD are as below:

  • Best hardware and software combination
  • Reliable DOT reports
  • Supports US Canadian ELD rules
  • Correct HOS data
  • Fulfills ELD mandate terms
  • Timely violation alerts
  • Editable codes
  • Ready for inspection
  • Tracks fuel consumption
  • App-based DVIR
  • No upfront cost
  • Android and iOS optimized
Key Specifications
Manufacturer Big Road
  • Safety alerts
  • Fast GPS
  • Customer support
  • FMCSA compliance
Display Device
  • Type: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • OS: Android & iOS
  • Email
  • Web Service
  • $25 monthly
  • Zero upfront

bigroad eld reviewsManaging hundreds of drivers at a time seems impossible, but Big Road ELD has made it possible. The managers can track drivers’ performance, driving hours, idle hours, and duty status of the drivers. The ECM perfectly saves data for you to view. The violation alerts motivate the administrator take a certain action.What Is in For Fleet Managers?

The managers can use the web app on their PCs or laptops and the user experience is awesome. It is so easy to use the web dashboard as it has all management tools. The dashboard provides accurate GPS tracking to Big Road users. The dispatchers receive and send messages through the web app.

Big Road ELD and Drivers

The drivers often get in trouble due to unbalanced HOS, but Big Road saves them. They don’t need to write down the entire data, including duty hours. Likewise, the drivers don’t need to printout anything. The device also provides quick inspection reports.

The drivers can also track the traffic conditions to make them and their assets safe. The DOT audits are easily accessible now. The CSA scores are also manageable with just one view.

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It is important to know a product before buying it. The company did not issue Its ELD before testing it. Our review will help many customers make a healthy decision about an ELD device. 

High-Tech Manufacturing

bigroad appBig Road is an old company in the electronic industry that emerged in 2012. The app store started the electronic logbook with a Big Road app. The designers and engineers of this company always create innovative products.

The hardware works great and comes up with a certain warranty. You can download the Big Road app without paying anything.  The app has a 4.5 rating that shows how reliable it is. However, the users have to pay a certain cost to acquire the necessary data.

Once you get the Dashlink, attach it to the diagnostic port of your vehicle to start receiving data through the app. Though the company asks for a monthly fee, the FMCSA compliance makes its devices valuable.

Flexible App

The app works well on different platforms, including Android and iOS. The user can easily learn to operate the hardware and the app. The drivers can use the app separately or can pair it with the ELD.

Choose Big Road Dashlink ELD if you are a small fleet owner and wan to introduce the e-logs. Your fleet staff will become efficient, helping you make more profits.

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What Do the Users Feel?

The users find the app simple and can install the entire unit in no time. When it comes to viewing data, everything seems quick. Watch your duty hours, and edit the e-logs whenever you want. The screen comes up with a big button on its left that helps drivers set their status.

The Big Road app also displays the map with a night view. Besides, the drivers can detect traffic behavior from the map. You know where you are heading through GPS tracking.

The users also get an opportunity to communicate through texts. Both drivers and managers can text each other. Live chat is also available where the drivers can share necessary documents or images related to work. The email facility is also there that is ideal for alerts and documents.

An Independent Software

The drivers can save all the logs on their mobile without any hardware. However, now the ELD allows you to work through app and engine data. It’s all easy to understand because it has a few functions. You need a Bluetooth connection for pairing.

You can use an Apple device or an Android depending on what you own. So, it has a variety of BYODs. If your vehicle does not have DashLink, don’t worry as it’s so easy to get it and install it on your vehicle. The Big Road ELD reviews prove that it is the most reliable unit.

Affordable Unit

The company offers free deice to those who make a service contract. You will have to pay $15 for a basic plan to acquire your data. Overall, it is an economical unit with a compliance facility. But, to fully reach your data, you will have to pay $25 that is a monthly cost per driver or truck. 

However, the company also charges an installation fee for the device. If more people at the back-office want to reach data, the total price of the unit will increase based on each person.

User Manual Guide

The users can read the guide to understand all parts of the DashLink. The guide also helps drivers to understand the inspection process along the road. If some malfunction happens, you can correct it through an ELD driver card. 

The drivers can also get a softcopy of the card from the company website. Connecting the DashLink DL-200 ELD with a mobile app is now super easy.

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What the App Brings For You

The basic features of the app are the same as any ELD app. However, it also offers some more features, including the Google map. The map helps users track traffic at that time and know the exact locations.

The app helps drivers see the upcoming recap hours. The inspection form enables drivers to comment on some issues. All these steps keep the company informed regarding app function.

Quick Inspection

You won’t see any fault in viewing your data. Various tools on the device would help you view the logs. From email to fax and print, all are possible through effective tools. The user can fill the inspection form with comments to ensure authentic inspection.

How to install Dashlink?

big road electronic logbookIt is a very simple plug n’ play device that you can connect to the port. You need an adapter for real installation. Big Road ELD also provides flawless cables, including the 6 or 9-pin plug that is very effective.

However, the connection type also depends on the vehicle model. The device does not come with 3G wireless connectivity. The user has to buy own Wi-Fi device to use in the app in the absence of cellular data.

Get the Visuals

Drivers have to face several accidents and the fleet owners blame them in this regard. Sometimes the drivers are guilty but sometimes they are not. In both cases, proof in the form of images or video becomes essential. Big Road ELD offers video telematics features at a very low price.

The video helps managers save vehicles and makes drivers more careful. Through Vision, the drivers get a video of an accident or any roadside events. It also helps in analyzing a specific trip for future decisions. The features also include in-cab coaching solutions for the drivers.

The users get a dash camera that faces the road. Each driver gets a Vision app for its device and they can set as they want. The video dashboard helps drivers to manage video features. 

The drivers can check their scoreboard, besides the leader board is also available. In general, the managers can enhance the performance of the fleet with the help of Vision.

How to Sync

It would be better if you use this service on either your phone or tab. Drivers who sign in on both devices have to face location issues. The GPS tracking may not function well with two sign-ins. But, you can easily work by signing in on one device.

Prevents Theft

Thieves are now become clever than before due to technology. How and when someone steals your vehicle, you won’t even know. The ELD device provides excellent GPS tracking.  So, install a suitable device to track your trucks or cars. Whether you are an owner or manager, you can find a lost vehicle through GPS.

Protection from Accidents

Fleet companies have to face a huge loss due to accidents. Users can prevent accidents by finding traffic conditions. The software informs drivers about the roadside condition and route details. All kinds of tracking features will prevent your vehicle from accidents. The drivers will also remain safe.

Professional Staff

Big Road has a professional team of engineers, managers, salespersons, and online workers. The company also conducts webinars and training programs to update its employees with advanced features. The entire team works together to satisfy the customers.

Some More by the Company

The actual purpose of Big Road is to facilitate as many customers as it can through its high-tech features. To comply with IFTA, the dashboard also produces the distance covered inside the state. Big Road ELD is an excellent logging solution.

However, it has a drawback that it does track engine faults. Besides the downtime reporting is also absent. Likewise, if you need the telematics system with a rich ROI, this device will not be suitable. Features such as workflow and macros are also absent. 

Due to the consistent use of the DashLink app, the drivers have to keep the phone fully charged all the time. So, the ELD is ideal for mall fleets and provides high-level accuracy. When it comes to compliance, the drivers will not have to face any violation.  Hence, the overall cost decreases, and fleets become more productive.

Eligible Industries

The Big Road electronic logbook can serve fleets of different industries, including passenger transportation, logistics, construction, oil, mining, and gas, as well as trading. The user can maintain their CSA scores through this ELD unit.

All these industries can enhance their business by tracking their drivers, locations, and assets. Lots of companies have improved their productivity through electronic logbooks.

  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • User guide
  • Malfunction support
  • Zero upfront cost
  • FMCSA compliance
  • Limited device sync
  • Works with a fully charged mobile

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Big Road is making electronic login devices for several years. The DashLink ELD is very functional and does not cost much. All features are simple and the new user can easily install the app and hardware. The device is suitable for small fleets due to fewer features.

In terms of electronic login, this device is the best. It fulfills all terms and conditions of traffic and road laws. It helps drivers get inspection reports. It also warns users about the violation. The front camera captures incidents, providing proof of any roadside event.

It is ideal for the back-office staff and drivers. The managers can stay in touch with each driver and their monitoring can enhance a driver’s performance.

Big Road electronic logbook is cost-effective. It is easy to access the app through app stores. You don’t have to pay any upfront costs. There are a few drawbacks as mentioned above, but they don’t affect the actual function of the device. Choose this device if you want to maintain your fleet.

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