Drive ELD Review & Complete Buying Guide

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You deserve more than just compliance and Drive ELD is the solution with multiple qualities. The device helps users cut their costs and manage fleet functions. It has unique tools, which are cheaper than the price we normally pay for an electronic logging device.

Drivers can take a few minutes in logging compared to the paper logs. The ELD connects drivers, fleet managers, clients, and vehicle owners even if they live far from each other. The app is the reason behind quick communication and data access. Before going through Drive ELD reviews, you must know its qualities.

Key Specifications
Manufacturer Drive
  • IFTA
  • Tracking
  • Alerts
  • HOS
Display Device Type: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

OS: Android and iOS

Transmits Email / Web Service
  • $0 upfront
  • $15 monthly
  • $540, for 3-years

Some prominent features of Drive are as below.

  • drive eld reviewsAccessible monitoring dashboard
  • Data storage and scanning
  • Alerts and warnings
  • Engine Diagnostics and DVIR
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Fuel tracking
  • Video recording
  • Text messaging
  • Speech texts
  • Camera 
  • Making PDF reports

Now, we are going to dive into this ELD to bring more for you.

Zero Installation Hassle

The plug and play make installation faster than older devices. No installation help means no additional costs. Just buy your favorite ELD brand and plug it into the truck port. Connect it to the Drive app that is available on the website for download. 

The app will detect the hardware by itself and will start saving data. The device has a long wire, so you can place it anywhere inside your vehicle. It will not interrupt the driver and he would be able to do his tasks easily.

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Engine Diagnostics and DVIR

drive eld reviewsWithout engine diagnostics, fleets can’t maintain their vehicles in a timely manner. The pre and post-trip inspection are available through the app. Managers can evaluate the health of their trucks or cabs through diagnostics. The DVIR reports are reachable from anywhere.

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What About Fuel Tax Reports?

When it comes to the IFTA record, you will find the Drive app superb. The app saves the odometer when the driver crosses the city boundaries. Users can download these reports from the web app. The reports help in calculating the distance covered with that fuel.

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Bug-Free App

According to, Drive ELD reviews, the entire data remains secure. The app provides data encryption that makes it safe. No one can steal your private information. As a result, your business will remain safe and grow more. Even clients feel secure while messaging with drivers.

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Ideal For Several Vehicles

Often, we have to buy various devices for cars, trucks, tankers, and buses, etc. But, Drive is compatible with almost all types of vehicles. It supports the J1939 trucks. Besides, you can use it on almost any OBD-II port.

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Automatic Data Saving

This ELD will work even if the driver gets disconnected due to the internet issue. The entire driving data get saved. Once the driver gets the connection back, he can access the driving data. 

This feature also enables the data history accessible to every user. Besides, drivers get alerts if some issues happen in the app. The updates help you remove the issue and make the app function smooth.

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Hassle-Free Logging

drive eld reviewsIn the past, drivers used to spend more time in logging due to the paper logs, and that affected their efficiency. Now, the electronic logs have made things easier and drivers take a few seconds for the logs. They focus more on driving and can edit the events with just a click. 

Drivers can also add information or can delete it when they need to. So, the entire logging event is hassle-free than before. This feature has cut down the cost that fleets have to spend on the paper logbooks.

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Quick Inspection

The driver app is not only useful for the drivers alone but also speeds up the inspection process. The inspectors can inspect the logs and can share it with the FMCSA through email or messaging by attaching the report with it. You can explore the Drive ELD reviews to find more about this feature.

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Know the HOS

drive eld reviewsIt is essential for fleet management to focus on driver status to keep their reputation good. Any kind of HOS violation can harm the fleet and drivers. The drivers also have to update the logs regularly and should inform the managers if some issues happen.

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Web App Alerts

Not only the driver app, but the web app also provides alerts regarding driving. The app sends notifications to fleet management for a quick solution. This kind of info is available through pop-ups and the managers must consider it.

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You will get the routing details on every turn you make. The navigation occurs according to the fuel stations, loads, as well as the custom waypoints. It helps drivers know their routes and allow them to change it in case of rough areas. It also prevents driving in bad weather and running under low bridges.

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Thorough Messaging

The driver and dispatcher can have effective communication through messaging. They can attach files or event videos with the text. The device also helps in getting the PDF files. A voice messaging service is also available through the Drive app.

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Know Driver Workflow

The device also includes the driver workflow feature with a simple framework. This enables drivers to do their tasks better, becoming more productive.

  • Quick installation
  • Driver-friendly
  • FMCSA certified
  • Good customer support
  • Durable hardware
  • User-friendly app
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Connection issue may happen
  • Needs more features

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Can I cut down the fuel cost through Drive?

Yes, the app sends alerts regarding fuel usage that will help you take quick action.

How many vehicles does it fit?

The Drive is compatible with various kinds of trucks and cabs. You must have a compatible port to install it.

What if something happens with the device after purchasing?

The Company provides quick customer support through email or you can call its helpline.

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Drive ELD is an innovative device with full FMCSA and HOS compliance. It will give you access to IFTA and DVIR reports. You can monitor fuel all the time, as well as your vehicles.

You can install this ELD in a few minutes. It also helps in document scanning. Besides, you can send messages with pictures and event videos. It is a cheap device without any upfront cost.

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