A Comprehensive Review of the Best Electronic Logging Devices for Sale

Today, the demand for Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) is increasing day by day. ELDs are electronics hardware that can be connected to the diagnostics port of the vehicle to gain all the important driving parameters as well as keep a well-maintained automated log report for future reference. The fleet industry runs on a parameter called HOS – Hours of Service, which is well captured by an ELD. With proper HOS in place by using the ELD devices, the truckers can now regulate their work hours in accordance with the resting hours. 

You can easily come across many electronic logging devices for sale in the market. However, choosing the most appropriate device is the key to better profitability and productivity for your fleet. It is a matter of fact that deciding on the perfect ELD device can be tough. There are several factors to be considered and kept in mind before purchasing many for your fleet. This piece of article will be handy for you to choose from the long array of products out in the market.

Comparison Table

ELD Logo ELD Name Initial Fee Monthly Fee Best Feature
motive logo Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) ELD $150 $20 or $35 Superb connectivity
Omnitracs (IVG) Intelligent Vehicle Gateway Master Pack $799 $23 A high-resolution wide display panel.
Garmin eLog $249.99 $0 No monthly service charge
Rand McNally ELD 50 $149.99 $19.99 or $24.99 Error free navigation
My20 ELD $129.99 $300 

(Annual License)

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Top 5 Electronic Logging Devices for Sale Reviews

Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) ELD

Motive is one of the most renowned log devices used by drivers because of its slick design and advanced features that offer all that drivers require a portable form factor. This ELD is also one of the most affordable electronic logging devices available in the market. Motive ELD comes with great connectivity options starting from USB to Bluetooth. You can connect the device to your vehicle and then use the app interface.

The Motive electronic logging devices are merely a PNP device, which requires a monthly service plan to get you going. The company offers various service plans starting from $20/month to $35/month. In the package, you get features, including DVIR, GPS tracking, Logs, Geo-fencing, IFTA, fuel-related data, driver cards, vehicle idling reports, engine trouble diagnostics, a Wi-Fi hotspot, etc. This ELD device is a wonderful fleet management option for a smaller fleet size and starter fleets who are looking for a low-cost system to record logs on the go.

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  • Easy to use
  • Affordably priced
  • State of the art features and functionalities
  • User-centric design
  • Poor after-sales service
  • Unstable software updates

Omnitracs (IVG) Intelligent Vehicle Gateway Master Pack

Omnitracs has been offering fleet management systems to fleet operators for a considerable amount of time in the past. Apart from fleet management systems, Omnitracs also manufactures tracking systems. It is one of the very first companies that have led the path for others in the fleet operation service. The Omnitracs IVG is designed specifically to offer robust services for a very long period. Apart from that, you get access to ELD mandated safety features that help reduce accidents

This ELD will surely a great partner of your fleet in improving safety, minimizing costs, and boosting productivity. In order to put this device to work, you would need to monthly fee of around $23. However, there is an initial fee of $799 which might affect your decision to get this ELD device. However, this additional cost might be something worth the impeccable features. 

The most loved feature of Omnitracs ELD is the smart notification alert. In case of a defect in the vehicle, the concerned error codes are displayed. Some of the features available with this ELD are media management, trailer management, bypassing of weight station, etc. The most intuitive part of this ELD is voice command reception. You can use all the features and functionality of the device by using simple voice commands. The hardware of the ELD complies with the recent ELD guidelines and requirements. The installation of this product is super easy and doesn’t require any expert supervision.

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  • A high-resolution wide display panel
  • Voice command mode operation
  • Inbuilt web browser
  • Expensive. 

Garmin eLog

The Garmin eLog is a true partner for your fleet service offering. This sleek-looking device is capable of storing all the important metrics in the course of the journey. You can automatically get your daily log maintained without any effort. The device is capable enough to track and store all your daily activities. But things do not end here; the device will be of great help in streamlining your business. It plays a vital role in monitoring and managing your shipments all over their journey.

The Garmin eLog is a PNP device and connects to 6-pin J1708 and 9-pin JI939. This OBD port is universal across most of the semi-trucks. In order to put this device to work, you would need to download the app from google play store. This ELD is capable of storing some of the essential information in the course of the journey like driving time, driver status, driving duration, distance to empty, etc. The information stored on the ELD can be easily retrieved using a USB drive. The e Log cost is kept very low as well as the monthly payment is waived.

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  • No monthly service charges
  • Automated log management
  • Compatible with many inbuilt navigators
  • Software glitch at times
  • Inaccurate mileage and time readings
  • Faster drainage of mobile battery

Rand McNally ELD 50

Rand McNally ELD happens to be one of the most trusted GPS systems by a majority of truckers on the road. Rand McNally is also known for its travel content and navigation. The ELD 50 model is loved by the drivers for its ease of use and reliability. The product is made in compliance with all the guidelines and safety regulations. In order to keep the market broad, the electronic logging device cost is kept very competitive.

This device does not necessitate working network connectivity to record the data. The ELD stores all the vital data and stores them onto its temporary storage, which can be retrieved when required. The device has enough storage memory to store data for two days without any issue. The data can be retrieved from the device with the help of Rand’s smart connect mobile application, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. With this device connected to your vehicle, you can check all the important parameters concerned to the engine like the temperature of the coolant, engine oil pressure, the voltage of the battery, boost pressure, etc.

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  • Super easy and effortless installation
  • Provided trusted and error-free GPS service
  • Single cable attachment
  • Hardware and software bugs
  • Not much user-friendly
  • Bad form factor

My20 ELD

My20 ELD has been telematics and onboard management service to fleets of all sizes for a very long time. The products are developed to improve the driving dynamics as well as safety on the road. The ELD solutions from My20ELD are likely to offer better productivity and profitability. The form factor of the device is kept very sleek, which makes it user-friendly to operate. The device plugs in directly to the vehicle’s ECM diagnostics port.

Its smart connect interface is available both for android and apple users. The application can be easily downloaded free of cost from the app store. You would need to use devices that run on Android version 5 or more, and devices that run on iOS 10.0 or more. However, you would need to purchase a subscription to activate each of the devices. My20 ELD offers various plans of subscription that can be customized as per the necessity. With various subscription options, you can opt for admin level features, reporting features, and tracking features.

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  • Unlimited features
  • Hassle-free installation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Route mapping and superb navigation
  • Option to edit your logs
  • Automated log management
  • Connectivity glitches
  • App instability

Important features of ELDs you should know

Keep track of the unidentified driver

electronic logging device costIf a driver is not logged into the ELD and the vehicle is in motion, then the ELD should maintain a log of the unidentified time of driving. Moreover, when any of the logged drivers come back to the driving seat, the ELD should let them know about the same.

Privilege for log edits

When you have this feature in your ELD, then the fleet manager or operator can suggest an edit to the eLog of the driver without modifying it. This feature prevents harassment of drivers. The edits are only reflected in the system if all the driver accepts it.

Round the clock GPS monitoring

It is a fact that the ELD can lose internet connection while on the move. In order to keep things safe, the ELD should be capable of logging the location as soon as it gets a proper connection. The driver should also have the privilege of editing the unregistered location. 

Restrict interaction with the device in the course of driving

It is a lifesaver feature for the driver when they are on the move. The ELD should automatically lock itself when the driver starts driving. It makes driving streamlined by projecting vital driving dynamics to the driver.

A reliable ELD provider makes sense

It is a fact that all fleet operators and managers wish to have a robust system to govern all their vehicles on the move. ELD has been one of the essential products to manage onboard diagnostics and duty hours. The ELD on board should be capable enough to record all the parameters with a great level of accuracy and reliability. Therefore, when you are on the verge of choosing the perfect ELD for your fleet, then you should spend some time selecting products from a reputed manufacturer. You need to be sure about the after-sales service and customer support provisions before onboarding any of the products. Plus, getting access to a reliable client helps you seamlessly adjust to the ELD mandates with better focus on the HOS compliance

The next thing that you need to be careful about when choosing an ELD provider is that the device from the manufacturer should pass all the important certification as per the mandate of ELD. In order to establish a long-lasting and positive relationship with the device, you need to be very careful at the beginning. So, a proper comparison among all the available products would be of great help.

What payment option should you opt for?

The service provided by the ELD can be availed after paying or subscribing to various packages offered by the company. Some of the manufacturers offer a one time chargeable fee for the kit and then pay for the number of vehicles in the fleet, but for some manufactures, you need to pay a certain amount at the end of every month.

It is a fact that most of the fleet managers have pricing as their major filtering parameter in the course of choosing an ELD. It is essential to keep the pricing as competitive as possible to attract a majority of the market segment. You should be very careful while choosing the right package for your fleet; instead of just going for the cheap one, you can opt for ELD that comes with a lesser monthly payout and a considerable upfront payment at the beginning. The primary reason behind it is that it may not comply with the recent ELD mandates, and you have to pay for it later.


Can an ELD be used on a smartphone or any other wireless device?

Yes, you can use an electronic logging device on a smartphone if all the device you are using complies with all the mandates as specified by the regulatory authorities.

Is it possible to use a portable electronic logging device?

The fleet operators can choose to install a portable electronic logging device, which can be fitted to the vehicle in the course of a commercial motor vehicle inspection.

Why is it important to know the technical specifications of your ELD?

It is essential to have a piece of knowledge about all the technical aspects of the ELD you are using. It will help you in knowing whether the device is compliant with the regulatory norms or not. The ELDs should be manufactured with the up to date mandate.


Electronic Logging Devices have become inevitable parts of the fleet management industry. In order to streamline operations, they are important devices that need to be fitted in all the commercial vehicles on the move. With all-important metrics on hand, it would surely be of great help to deliver consignments and at the same time, maintain a proper duty cycle. It would certainly be a bit tricky to choose from a long list of electronic logging devices available in the market, but it is not rocket science for sure.

A quick comparison and detailed analysis will surely give you an apprehension of the right product and the appropriate payment and subscription options. However, it is recommended to check whether the electronic logging device for sale is compliant with the up to the minute mandate and regulatory norms. Keeping these small things in mind will surely get you improved productivity at the end of each month. So, keeping trucking, keep logging.

ELD Logo ELD Name Initial Fee Monthly Fee Best Feature
motive logo Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) ELD $150 $20 or $35 Superb connectivity
Omnitracs (IVG) Intelligent Vehicle Gateway Master Pack $799 $23 A high-resolution wide display panel.
Garmin eLog $249.99 $0 No monthly service charge
Rand McNally ELD 50 $149.99 $19.99 or $24.99 Error free navigation
My20 ELD $129.99 $300 

(Annual License)

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