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With fast-growing technologies, ELD has also gone through big development resulting in unlimited logging devices. All types of ELDs can sync with the truck or car engine to track and produce accurate HOS. Fleetmatics Reveal is at the top these days among a variety of electronic logging devices.

Key Specifications  
Manufacturer Fleetmatics
  • Safety alerts
  • Accurate navigation
  • Fuel-saving
  • Engine monitor
  • Cloud storage
Display Device
  • Type: Dedicated
  • OS: Android, iOS, Window, Mac, Linux
Transmits Email / Web Services
  • Up-front Cost: $0
  • Monthly Cost: $60
  • 3-Year Cost: $2,160

What Do You Get From Fleetmatics ELD?

Fleetmatics ELD is a reliable company that brings lots of benefits for us, such as

  • Fast driver logging process.
  • Ease of job for drivers and vehicle carriers
  • Reduces data record mistakes
  • Correct location
  • Monitors duty status
  • Excellent management tool
  • Enhances productivity
  • No paperwork
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What is Fleetmatics?

When we talk about telematics and monitoring, no one can beat Fleetmatics. The Company has a long history of tracking 1.8 million vehicles around the world. It offers the most reliable GPS that has helped several fleet companies.

The primary objective of the company is to automate fleet vehicles as well as people. Due to its vast experience, Fleetmatics joined the Verizon Telematics and Telogis and became the Verizon Connect. 

This alliance offers assets and fleet tracking, ELD, and compliance, scheduling, and field service, as well as the end to end modular solutions for vehicle manufacturers.Fleetmatics Telematics ELD

The company offers various cloud-driven solutions and mobile apps. Fleetmatics ELD allows fleet operators to consistently track vehicles and their location, fuel consumption, distance, and speed.

You will get two solutions by this company, including Fleetmatics Reveal (for small and medium fleets) and Fleetmatics Reveal plus (for large fleets). Our Fleetmatics reviews focus on Reveal because the company wants to help small companies that cannot afford expensive logging devices. 

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Fleetmatics Reveal Reviews

Fleetmatics Reveal is an advanced fleet-tracking software that helps in fleet management. The owners or managers can easily control their mobile force. The device helps drivers to be on track with the most accurate routes. 

Other than route planning, the users get access to logging reports.  It is easy to monitor the health of your vehicles through Fleetmatics ELD. Use any android mobile and get access to the software. 

Let’s look at the primary features of this app.

  • Supports different fleets
  • Compatible with any vehicle, be it truck or car or van
  • Complies with FMCSA
  • Supports android tablets 
  • Reduces the downtime
  • Simple setup
  • Alternative data plan

Verizon Connect Fleetmatics Reveal LogBook

To use Fleetmatics Reveal with an android device, you will have to download the app named REVEAL ELD Logbook. This app is available on Google Play store and it is only compatible with android tablets. 

Other than having fleets compliant with current FMCSA rules, the app also gives access to HOS. Fleetmatics ELD reviews show that it is an ideal solution for drivers and fleet operators.

How the Large Fleets Can Take Benefits

Fleetmatics is also ideal for large fleets having several vehicles. Large organizations also have a huge staff that is hard to manage. But, the ELD devices can connect drivers with their back-office managers. Here is how Fleetmatics ELDs help large fleets.

  • Enhance fleet efficiency, increasing its response
  • Enhance customer service
  • Save fuel by reducing the extra distance
  • Provides safety to vehicles and drivers
  • Maximize profits
  • Minimize unnecessary trips
  • Enhance productivity

Fleetmatics Offers Following Significant Features:

  • Clear dashboard display
  • Innovative key-fob to monitor drivers
  • Tracking of fuel, departure, and arrival, and driver behavior, etc.
  • Live map display
  • Maintenance alert
  • Geofencing
  • Monitoring work orders
  • Real-time notification
  • Fuel alerts
  • Route optimization
  • Distance tracking
  • Cloud-based data
  • Fleetmatics user-friendly app

The above features are good enough for fleet management, but some advanced features are missing. The user has to download the Fleetmatics Reveal plus for additional features, such as:

  • Historical analysis
  • ROI, Return on investment analyses
  • Accident tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Truck route navigation
  • 2-way messaging
  • Team-driver mode

As Verizon runs the app, so you will get the 4G LTE Advanced network that brings high-end reliability. The users will also get the high-quality service connectivity.

Always visible Fleet 

The Fleetmatics ELD reviews have positive feedbacks in terms of fleet visibility. The GPS tracking system keeps vehicles in front of your eyes, even if you are miles away. This is hard to know what your truck is facing if you can’t navigate it. You can detect an accident through such devices.

A lack of fleet visibility can result in job loss, additional costs, less or no revenue, and poor productivity. This ELD device provides a 360º view of the daily fleet operations. As a fleet operator, you know each moment and can handle any issue from your office. 

The manager does not have to call all the drivers to know the moment to moment updates. The device helps to save time through quick reports on the dashboard. The entire fleet staff can work fast with minimal resources. That’s what Fleetmatics hardware and software is for.

High-Resolution Maps

Fleetmatics provides a system with high-resolution maps with a smart clustering. Now, it’s too easy for you to track the activities of your fleet, including drivers, vehicles, and mobile equipment. Likewise, the supervisors and drivers can access the same reports which are visible to the manager.

Effective Dashboards

effective eld dashboardYou may know the annoyance that occurs when the dashboard of an ELD device is not clear. This is not the case with Reveal ELD as it has a clear dashboard. The user can stay alert about its team. The dashboard allows you to monitor and keep up the KPI or Key Performance Indicator with the latest fleet analytics.

At the same time, the manager can monitor the fleet budget through accurate analytics. You will see positive reviews about reports, maps, and dashboards.

Provides Asset Safety

Be it the workers or vehicles, they are all your assets. As a fleet owner, you must provide a safe environment for all assets. The electronic logging device keeps you aware of the incidents. The manager can instantly take action if something happens on the road. But all of this is possible by connecting with vehicles, drivers, and ELD features.

Lots of fleets have prevented theft and accidents with early warnings. All such safety measures reduce the overhead and additional costs. The ID technology helps fleets know their drivers and other staff. 

Hence, all these things are possible due to Fleetmatics ELD. The in-cab devices keep drivers efficient. A healthy competition between the drivers results in safe driving. Besides, the vehicles also remain safe with consistent tracking.

At the same time, the device is ideal for construction workers who can monitor the timeline by installing this device in the truck. The user gets the notifications on their device in case of an issue.

Excellent Customer Service

Don’t miss this tracking software because Fleetmatics wants you to reach your customers quickly. It also enhances service calls’ efficiency. The fleet operators get miscellaneous proof reports, such as proof of duty timing, distance, emergency response time, delivery estimates, dispatch, and customer vehicle monitoring.

Exceptional Customer Support

Unlike other ELD devices, Fleetmatics offers exceptional customer support as evident from the Fleetmatics Reveal reviews. It also won the Siklver Stevie award in 2014. 

The company has a special customer support staff that develops a fleet management platform along with users catering to their needs. Besides, it helps fleets optimize their business.The user can directly talk to the company representative through a live chat. 

Video tutorials are also available on the website for users to understand the device function. The users can also get help from e-book tutorials. Customer support also provides a quote according to your demand.

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Fleetmatics Reveal Supports

It supports different devices such as windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Web-based, Mac, and Windows Mobile. Besides, it supports the English language. Most users find this software friendly. You can set up the software easily on all these devices.

  • Excellent mapping, reports, and dashboards
  • Works with the 4G connection
  • More fuel efficiency
  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Multiple features
  • Simple setup
  • Good customer support
  • Lacks advanced features
  • Sometimes the navigation system becomes slow
  • Lacks two-way messaging
  • Low engine diagnostics
  • Limited integrations with TMW
  • Time-consuming installation
  • Requires a 3-wire systems

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Who Are Eligible Users

As we already said, Fleetmatics Reveal suits small or medium fleets that need a simple GPS tracking system. Especially, the fleet managers can access and manage the dispatch operations of their vehicles. The managers can detect any unauthorized use of cars and can take quick action.

The device and app are suitable for small fleets, so they are best for local vehicles. Like, cable repair vans, plumbing vans, local delivery vans or truck, and all such vehicles can take benefit from this ELD device.

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Fleetmatics Costs

The cost depends on the product and number of vehicles in a particular fleet. Here we will discuss the price of Fleetmatics REVEAL LogBook. The monthly cost of this device is $60, but there is no upfront cost. If you buy it for 3 years, it will cost you $2,160.  The customers can go through a software demo before purchasing it.

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How to Proceed With Fleetmatics ELD 

An ELD device is not for one type of staff as the carriers have to choose the device and install it in the vehicle. Then the drivers and managers should know how to use the Fleetmatics ELD till its deadline. The staff must know how to edit and annotate and certify the RODS.

Likewise, the admiration must know how to send data to safety officials. The drivers should comply with the ELD mandate. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has issued certain rules for the use of EELD devices.

The rules make drivers and vehicles safe. The drivers can manage the RODS or records of duty status and can save it to share with safety officers and managers. Though there are many attractive devices for fleets, they are not as good as the compliance devices.

The ELD rule also applies to commercial vehicles like buses and trucks. Like, in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico, the commercial drivers have to follow these rules

What is ELD Rule for?

  • It specifies the exceptions and describes who has to follow the rules.
  • It has certain technical specifications to ensure the compliance of ELDs
  • Ensures that the device has FMCSA approval
  • Ensures a certain time limit for drivers and carriers to comply
  • Ensures driver safety and prevent data theft
  • Develops the data display system
  • Develops a standard data transfer 
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ELD Mandate Impacts

The ELD mandate impacts 3.1 million commercial vehicles in the US. But, the mandate applies to vehicles that travel on highways for interstate commerce or transfer the passengers or items.

There is a certain limit of passengers that the drivers can transfer through vehicles. Crossing those limits can result in rule violation charges. Likewise, there is also a load limit being transferred by a vehicle. Likewise, vehicles can only transfer specific materials.

The business that gets affected by an ELD mandate include:

  • Food distribution
  • Delivery
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Passenger transportation
  • Freight transportation
  • Goods transportation
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Fleetmatics Reveal is simple to use, and the small and medium fleets can take benefit from it. It has a very simple to understand GPS. It works well for managers and fleet operators who need accurate management of the dispatch activities.

The administrative staff can detect the unlawful use of the vehicle. The productivity of fleets increases when everything is under control. However, the GPS tracking here is more suitable for small fleets with local vehicles. From local delivery trucks to cable repair and plumbing vans, all are easy to track.

The device lacks certain advanced features, that’s why it is not good for large fleets. The user has to buy the Reveal plus for more features. The cost is affordable, besides there is no upfront cost. However, the cost of the Reveal Plus is more due to better updates.

The company claims good customer support but some customers don’t think so. A third party is essential according to some customers to handle certain issues. But, after becoming the Verizon, Fleetmatics has improved a lot.

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