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Geotab is a compliance solution that is being used for the Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting, and driver identification. There is an additional smartphone application that works with the Geotab GO telematics device installed on the vehicle. It facilitates with meeting all the requirements that include compliance regulations, and effective reduction of time loss. It also helps boost productivity as well as driver safety. The Geotab ELD is self-certified and registered. 

In the past, drivers were required to do the paperwork on their own, based on vehicle travel, duty timing, and the conditions in locations that they visited. It was a challenging and highly stressful work, which took an extra couple of hours on a daily basis. The errors in this practice were common, and this is why the trust between the drivers and the management authorities reduced continuously.

For the minimization of this issue and all the others, Geotab ELD is presented; which helps in maintaining the accountability of the driver as well as the vehicle. In common practice, productivity is boosted and results in the maximum possible output, which includes maximum reasonable driving hours.

Key Specifications
Manufacturer Geotab
  • Integrate with dispatch systems
  • Records and track all the driver’s activities
  • Provides reports of all kinds
Display Device Single-unit ELD
Supported languages English (Preferred)
  • Starting at $22.95* a month
  • The upfront cost $799

Brand Overview

geotab ELDGeotab ELD is an essential device that helps the drivers in managing their reports and collecting the data related to the duty hours and many other things. The drivers had problems associated with managing the daily sheets and other related tasks. According to the current statistics, Geotab ELD reviews are excellent and strengthened with loyal customers. The Geotab ELD is responsible for handling all the related issues as well as helps in facilitating the drivers with amazing features and benefits.  

Recently the software framework updates arrived which included the following items:

  • MyGeotab Database Updates
  • HOS/DVIR Enhancements
  • Reporting Enhancements
  • SDK Preview Features
  • Localization
  • User Interface (UI) Enhancements
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geotab ELDThere are several essential features and functions of the Geotab ELD, which are vital to be known for the understanding of the application entirely as well as getting complete functionality.

Internal synchronization

There is a complete internal synchronization in which the engine control module is available that can help the driver as well as the management at the headquarters to understand the condition of the engine as well as getting its benefits. 

Auto record

The automatic recording of the driving time, as well as the details that include the speed and the miles covered, is performed by the ELD. It is a great feature, and it helps the drivers to get rid of the manual updating of the routes and shift timings as well as updates of the stops and shipments. 

GPS installation

The device includes the GPS service, which helps in understanding the location of the logistic trucks and other vehicles on the road. The tracking of the drivers and the handling of the schedules and shipment pickups can be determined by this. 

Electronic data transfer

As the truck achieves a milestone,  it is being updated at the server automatically. All of this is possible through electronic data transfer. There is telematics along with Bluetooth options available to connect the device with the internet so that the control rooms would have knowledge about the location and several other details. 

Tamper prevention

It is an important feature that helps the company to get rid of any interference that could disturb the service. The tamper prevention is basically a feature which helps in getting rid of the hackers. Tampering is always malicious, and it is performed to take control of the software or the device.

Certification of driver records

The software is facilitated with the 24 hours detailed certificate print available of each and every technical detail that is required to be included in the certification of the driver records. 

Display reports

There is a display report facility, which is very important for safety officers. They can be seen on the screen as well as can be printed accordingly. These reports help in understanding the condition of the vehicle as well as the credibility and reliability of the driver.

User manual

There is an on-screen user manual facility that helps the user to understand the features and facilities that are provided by the system. The user manual is also available in the printed format, but during the driving if something comes up, he can listen to the audio user manual as well.

Audio controls

Audio controls are also available while using the device. For instance, if the partner driver is sleeping and the driver on duty is required to use the manual, he can mute the manual entirely and can work accordingly, as well.

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Why we recommend Geotab ELD? The benefits you should know

geotab ELDThere are many benefits due to which the Geotab is preferred by the drivers and the transportation and logistics companies around the globe. Due to these benefits, the product sales have increased with the passage of time. It has a user-friendly dashboard, and the intuitive workflow guides the drivers step by step about the route and other details on the road and about the vehicle.

An essential benefit of the Geotab e-logs is the night mode view in which the driver would be able to view the route in the night mode. Night mode helps the drivers to enjoy their drive without the stress of screen lights and many other things.

Recently a few UK based companies also converted their systems from ordinary detailing to the Geotab ELD facilitation. 

Geotab ELD is a vital application that facilitates the driver with an Electronically-generated Duty Status graph. It is an outstanding achievement that helps the drivers to understand their statistics and the overall performance. It also helps the company and the drivers to be on the same page in regards to attaining the goals.

There is a benefit of the pop-up reminders in which the drivers are given reminders to check the logs and verify them accordingly. In these reminders, they will be scheduled to add and submit the shipments, handle their stops, and many other tasks that are important to be processed.

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Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons of the system, and before making decisions, the companies are advised to prefer both sides for the sufficient benefit.

  • CSA: It is essential for logistics as it helps in the reduction of the HOS violations.  
  • Accuracy: Even if the mistakes are supposed to be made intentionally, it is infrequent that the system will not detect it.
  • Paperless: There is no need for the use of printed sheets and paperwork at all because everything would be considered online.
  • Productivity: everything is automated, so there is no need to forget or remember anything. The control of the truck will be in the hands of the driver, but the journey would be entirely preplanned.  
  • Time: The ELD is responsible for saving the considerable time of the drivers, which is mostly spent in entering the data on the paper logs.
  • Dispatch efficiencies: There would be better plans shortest paths identified as well as the best possible scenarios that will be practiced.
  • Fuel: decreasing the fuel cost would be possible by increasing the truck downtime as well as lowering the crash rates. This will eventually help the companies to save money. 
  • Compliance: additional regulatory compliance is essential for the company as it is facilitated by the ELD for free. It will produce driver inspection reports effectively and efficiently.
  • Less flexible: the system is more automated and less flexible due to which the control is neither in the hands of the driver nor the company.
  • Productivity: The opponents have mentioned that the ELD service has reduced productivity. It has cut down the miles covered as well as have added more drivers to haul freight.  
  • Small carriers: The small companies are unable to invest in such expensive devices as they are highly costly and would not be a good option for companies that have less than five trucks.  
  • Control: The drivers are entirely opposed by the ELD as it does not help them with the rest time, which includes them to be electronically tracked and updated at the control rooms.  
  • OODIA: According to the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, the 4th amendment is being jeopardized as well as the ELD ruling is profoundly unconstitutional. 
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Geotab cost and pricing plans

The pricing and plans for the Geotab ELD products could differ as third party resellers because they are always responsible for setting the retail price. Mostly the cost varies from hundreds of dollars to thousands per vehicle. Some retailers and resellers may add different software add-ons, which allow the managers with extra features that help them for controlling the drivers and the entire fleet effectively and efficiently. These kinds of extra features are mostly responsible for charging extra amounts from the buyer groups.

The devices presented by Geotab, including the ELD plans, have a year warranty, which later on becomes a lifetime warranty with the Pro-Plus plan subscription. Other plans include:

  • Base
  • HOS
  • Pro, and
  • ProPlus

It is observed that the fleet is charged equally by almost all the retailers, and that’s why preferring the best-suited one would always be a great choice.

The best way to understand the finding Geotab pricing and plan details would be available on the their service website, as well as you can get a quote about the plan. The quote will require the number of vehicles and the areas covered as well as the list of services that are required. 

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How to order

You can visit the official website of the Geotab in which the product is available and the quotation form as well. You will have to order it directly. The experts will understand the demand and will advise you on a particular plan with additional facilitations. It is important to know that the selection of the system should be decided according to the needs because the plans are quite expensive and up to the mark. 

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How to install Geotab electronic logging device

geotab ELDYou will be provided a complete box that includes the Geotab ELD and related components. The Geotab ELD will be unboxed with the one wire that has both ends well equipped with the connectors. The installation manual will also be available, which will help in detail as well as handling the complications.

Initially, you have to locate the vehicle’s engine diagnostic port. The Geotab device will be installed below the handle and will be directly connected to the screen. It is always advised to read the manual of installation because Commercial vehicles with diesel engines use a different connector system, which is significantly different from the ordinary one. In the end, start testing in which you will have to start the vehicle and keep it steady for at least 3 minutes.  

The device will quickly get connected to the internet and will start communicating the signal as well as would also start functioning. It is always important to go through the video, which explains the controls and several other features that help in understanding the device working.

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What is the purpose of the Geotab ELD?

Geotab ELD is an essential device that helps the drivers in managing their reports and collecting the data related to the duty hours and many other things.

Who can use the Geotab ELD?

The companies that have fleet to be managed are required to use the ELD system.

How can I order it?

You can order it online from the website.

I am small fleet manager of 3-7 trucks. May I use the ELD system?

Your fleet is small and if the number exceeds ten than you should prefer the ELD system. We would recommend you to go for cheaper solutions currently.

How can I track my devices and vehicles?

You can track your devices and vehicles by using the ELD solution.

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The Geotab ETD is a groundbreaking product for the truck and logistics management companies. In the past, the drivers were not tracked properly, and their duty hours were not officially recorded as per the needs. This is why the ELD systems are officially being invested, which are simple plugins that will help in tracking the trucks and, based on the regular routes, would also help in the effective and efficient supply chain and logics monitoring.

It was difficult and highly stressing work, which took an extra couple of hours on a daily basis. It is important to know that due to these benefits, the sales in the current year are increased with the passage of time. The fleet, drivers, and the trucks will be safe with the help of this system because everything is tracked. 

Sometimes the technology does not provide an effective response, and in that case, the drivers are advised to contact their control rooms for getting extra support from the device providers, and their contact is also available on the website

Product link: https://www.geotab.com/fleet-management-solutions/compliance/

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