GPS Trackit Review & Complete Guide

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Fleet management is not possible without vehicle monitoring and GPS Trackit is the real solution. Be it the driver or vehicle, you must watch them but that seems impossible when you have many vehicles. However, a single device like Trackit makes it super easy. Whether it is speed, location, timing, or other things, you can track them.

Key Specifications
Manufacturer Trackit
  • IFTA
  • DVIR
  • DOT
  • HOS
Display Device
  • Type: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • OS: Android and iOS
Transmits Email / Web Service
Pricing $23.95 Monthly

The synchronization process for the management with the tracking software is very important as it brings precision. The mangers need precise reports, as well as, the drivers depend on the real HOS to share with an inspection staff. It is important to have some GPS Trackit reviews before purchasing it. Before we explain each feature, let’s look at them briefly:

  • Driver alerts
  • Reduced errors
  • Fewer audit risks
  • Digital logs
  • DVIR reporting
  • IFTA records
  • HOS details

Why this GPS Solution

gpstrackit reviewsWhen it comes to a telematics company, we look for precision and it is available by Trackit. The device has improved features than the previous versions due to its high-tech customer support. Besides, it has training sessions for drivers, managers, and other users. Without knowing a device, you can’t take benefit from it but the tutorials will help you in this case.

Every business wants to grow and earn more money, and fleets also focus on it. This tracking device will help you streamline fleet management, trip plans, and tracking. Eventually, the fleet costs will reduce and they will get more profit including daily, monthly, and yearly earnings. Moreover, the GPS Trackit pricing itself is affordable which is another benefit.

You can track fleet assets all the time if you install a GPS with precise results.

It does not involve any monthly fee and it has broadened its portfolio by combining with the In Touch GPS, Fleet Trax, and TSO as well. This alliance helped Trackit extend its business three times more than before. It has more customers now because it has the ability to satisfy several people at a time.

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What Is In For Managers

trackit pricingThe Trackit provides several management tools at low rates. Like, you will get

  • Dispatch and employee management
  • Fuel management
  • Inventory management
  • Routing and GPS tracking
  • Event reporting
  • Maintenance management
  • Task management
  • Inspection management
  • Motor pool and VIN
  • Distance tracking
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Benefits For Drivers

trackit priceNot only the fleet owner or manager get more benefits by connecting the vehicles with Trackit, but the drivers have so many tools. Like, hours of duty are important for drivers as they have to show it to the inspectors to comply with the laws. The device helps drivers align with the daily logging tasks, reducing the violation risks.

GPS Trackit reviews include positive comments about FMCSA compliance. Drivers feel safe when they know the device is according to the ELD mandate. Drivers can also edit their logs without missing anything. All the logs remain authentic and keep drivers active.

DVIR reports are equally essential for drivers and the ELD helps them in this case. Drivers also get warnings through the fleet app and they can customize these alerts according to their job status. Drivers become more secure through the scorecards, technical error tracking, and safety alerts.

Some other alerts also help drivers improve their driving by correcting them. Such as speed alerts, hard braking, and idle time alerts. Even the acceleration alert is also there. All these alerts are better for the safety of the driver, besides, the trucks also remain healthy.

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Fewer Errors

When you write the logs through an electronic device, it reduces error. The DOT charges will also minimize. Besides, digital logs reduce the paper costs and you don’t need to remove the errors by erasing them or crossing with a pen which is so hectic. Fast work and fewer errors mean more driving time.

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Get Rid Of Audits And Poor Log Transfers

gpstrackit reviewsThe risk of audit is always there, but the precise DOT will reduce it. All types of compliances reduce audit risk.  Certain ELDs don’t synchronize well with the app, so the log transfers get issues. But, this is not the case with Trackit, as the log uploading is faster and other data sharing tools also respond quickly.

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Trackit ELD Pricing

If you compare this tracking solution with others, you will find the GPS Trackit price affordable. However, it also depends on the monthly plan and its per month cost is $ 23.95 without an activation fee. It does not have any long contracts.

You can use a short-term tracking plan to run your fleet. You can also buy the device on a trial basis for about 30 days and can return it with a refund.

  • Involves short-term price plans
  • User-friendly driver app
  • HOS and DVIR records
  • Compliant with FMCSA and DOT
  • Affordable device
  • A fast tracking service
  • Web-portal has issues

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Do I need to make a long contract to get the Trackit?

No, this device doesn’t have lengthy price plans. You can choose any monthly plan and can change it in the future. It has no activation fee, so it is affordable.

How effective are the management features?

Trackit offers a long list of management tools, including fuel management, tire, and maintenance management, inventor, task, and inspection management, and much more. 

 How trustworthy is Trackit in terms of data security?

The company ensures secure data transfer and storage. The end-to-end security feature provides safety to the entire fleet.

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GPS Trackit is easy in its function and the app is available online. Just download the app from the play store and sync it with the hardware. This solution has so much to offer to the fleet drivers and managers. You can read the list of management tools in the above section.

Drivers also get the HOS and DVIR accuracy that makes them safe. The vehicles get a few issues because the alerts help managers remove several faults in them. The device does not involve any contract and the short-term price plan is very affordable to all fleets.

It is a good device in terms of speedy GPS tracking and file sharing. Users can reduce the penalties by getting compliant with state laws in terms of FMCSA and HOS.

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