InTouch ELD Review & Complete Guide

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intouch fleetInTouch ELD is not just a logging solution but GPS as well. As a fleet owner, you must think of growing your business and the tracking software can help you. Fleets need hardware to run the tracking software and InTouch provides it. The device is affordable to several commercial fleet owners.

The device takes a few minutes in installation. Users must know the compatible ports. It is ideal for various vehicles, including trucks, trailers, tankers, cars, and buses, etc. InTouch GPS reviews will ensure that you can monitor a large fleet without hiring an expensive surveillance staff.

Key Specifications
Manufacturer InTouch
  • IFTA
  • GPS Tracking
  • DVIR
  • HOS
Display Device
  • Type: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • OS: Android and iOS
Transmits Email / Web Service
Pricing $ 24.95 to $ 44.95 monthly

The Cost

It has various price plans with different features, so the cost varies. Besides, the cost also depends on the vendors. The monthly cost depends on whether you have your own tab or not. 

Plan 1: With your device, it will cost you $ 24.95, and installation is free. You will get compliance but you will also have to pay for the internet data.

Plan 2: On the other hand, if you buy an ELD with a tablet, you will pay $44.95 per month. You will also get free installation. The tab, like Samsung Galaxy, will connect you with other staff members through the app. This plan also includes accessories like a case, cradle, and a charger. It also facilitates the Bluetooth LE integration.

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What Will Users Get

intouch eld reviewThe ELD is effective for drivers, managers, fleet owners, and even for inspectors. It has the following features:

Fleet Overview

The system provides a full overview of the fleet throughout the day for a whole week. You will get the GPS to directly track your fleet all the time. Besides, the InTouch GPS installation will not be a hassle for you as the company will do it.

Automatic Data analysis

With InTouch, you don’t have to make an effort to analyze the fleet data. The software collects the entire data of the ELD and saves it for business operations. Owners can study the entire record to make big decisions regarding vehicles and drivers. Even you can track your manager to see if he is working honestly.

Driver Performance

intouch gps installationYou can track the scorecard to see how your driver is performing. A fleet has a driver for each vehicle, so knowing their status is hard without tracking devices.  InTouch fleet solution means you can compare various drivers and can train them if they lack something. Big fleet decisions like firing a driver are also possible through precise tracking.

Schedule Maintenance

When the next maintenance of your truck is due, InTouch will tell you. You will get a reminder through software. You don’t need to track it by yourself as the record gets saved in the app automatically. Just go to the maintenance feature to see the maintenance date of the vehicle.

Set Warnings

Through texts and emails, you can get the alerts if the vehicle crosses any limits. This feature needs a manual setting to get the notifications for a specific feature. However, you can also go for default settings. You can get speed alerts or idle hour alerts that will help you in taking prompt action. According to the InTouch ELD review, users can save their assets through on-time warnings.

Advanced Dashboard

intouch eld reviewWhether you are a manager or fleet owner, you can use the dashboard to get the latest metrics. You can analyze the vehicles and drivers through dashboard reports. Just get familiar with all the tabs and know when to click them to take further action. You can also make changes in certain things and can set the reminders.

Know Your Job Location

Through the dispatch tool, drivers will know their new job location. The drivers can see it through the dashboard. Via pre-set schedules, everyone can do their duty, saving idle hours. Eventually, it will cut down several other costs.

In Touch ELD Portal

If you explore the InTouch ELD portal reviews, you will find how effective is the platform. You can send emails by using this portal. You can get customer support about a specific issue. The portal also helps you in signing in with the solution. Similarly, the managers can access their data through the InTouch website.

Training Facility

InTouch also provides training for its users. The training is useful for drivers, managers, and even for fleet owners. You can attend the webinar to get knowledge of this ELD. In-person training is also available, and you can also get a PDF manual to learn installation and other things. The online support is another benefit in this respect.

  • Quick installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Provides safety
  • Reduces expenses
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Good customer support
  • Quick and safe shipping
  • Expensive ELD system
  • Issues with technical support
  • Only business hours support

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Is there any training for drivers?

Yes, drivers can learn how to operate the InTouch ELD by reading the PDF document, or through live support. In-cab training is also available.

Does InTouch work as BYOD?

It works both ways, like either you can use your own smart tablet or mobile phone if it is up to the mark, or you can buy the Samsung Galaxy tab from the company.

Which kind of management does In-Touch provide?

The InTouch devices help in dispatch management, employment management, GPS tracking, and maintenance management.

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Other than the compliance, you need the high-grade tracking and InTouch ELD     provides it. You can get reports like HOS, IFTA, and DVIR. Knowing drivers’ performance is easier due to GPS tracking. The vehicles stay healthy through maintenance alerts.

Some people find this device expensive, but some can afford it. However, every user can select a suitable monthly plan. The hardware is effective as long as you handle it carefully. Users can also buy the Samsung Galaxy tab from InTouch. In general, the e-log and tracking functions are quite good.

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