My20 ELD Review for Truck Drivers and Fleet Managers

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Konexial is mainly a U.S based company that acts in connecting the drivers with real-time data through the development of the products as well as the services. Their purpose is to enhance the visibility, communication, and accessibility of the used media platform-a mobile device for the drivers.

Key Specifications
Manufacturer Konexial
  • DVIR or Driver Vehicle Inspection Report
  • User-friendly interface
  • Two-way Messaging
  • Navigation
Display Device
  • Type: Dedicated
  • OS: iOS and Android
Transmits Email / Web Service
  • Up-front Cost: $130
  • Monthly Cost: $25
  • 3-Year Cost: $1030

What is My20 ELD?

what is my20 eldKonexial’s my20 ELD is one of the leading ELDs that matches the expectations of both the fleet manager and independent owner-operator. The best part is that it does not ask for any additional hardware. With just your android and apple smartphone, you can download and operate this advanced application. The platform promises to provide the best service to the industry. My20 ELD Amazon is a user-friendly and powerful engine-connected logging solution on Amazon that integrates the most advanced technologies and features in the ELD industry at present. To offer a feverish service, the provider incorporates a range of powerful back-office tools features in the solution.

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Features of My20 ELD

Being a fleet manager, your primary requirement is to look for an ELD solution that has infinite numbers of quality features. My20 ELD avails of powerful features in tools increasing the possible revenue of your owned fleet, some of its top features include.

1. User-friendly interface

my20 eld reviewsKeeping in mind that the device is mainly built for the drivers, the interface of the device is possibly made easy-to-use. Because of this, every single driver can smoothly access it without anyone’s help. Once the device is logged in, almost all the tasks are handled in an automation manner. This device does not ask the drivers to operate it and allows them to put their entire concentration on the road.   

2. Route mapping and navigation

 As mentioned earlier, owing to the route mapping and navigation attribute, the device has become far more desirable. It deliberately offers suitable Google Maps, PC Miler, and Waze maps that help the drivers in finding the ways and paths of their destination efficiently without making any blunder.

3. Support all the ELD documents

Another prime advantage that My20 ELD provides to the users is the approval of all the ELD documents. You can find your required documents at the help menu in the section of the application form. Also, you can download and print those documents from the section called support. Moreover, you can expect their assistance and customer service 24/7, which is considerable.

4. Dynamic-load Matching

My20 ELD review has relished positivity because of the dynamic-load balancing.  This feature distinguishes the application with the other ELD models allowing the drivers to earn a greater amount of money by traveling fewer distances. 

5. My20 Rewards Program

It is one of the finest features that catch the attention of the drivers. The reward program depicts earning points and winning rewards as per the collected points. One can earn these points from the GoFuel purchases, GoLoad programs, 5-star ratings, and many others. By collecting a single point, the users can win as much as $0.01. Moreover, My20 ELD reviews on the reward program are worth considering.

6. GPS Tracking

The device appears with an in-built GPS sensor that records the traveling data of the drivers and helps in knowing the exact location of the truck or vehicle. Furthermore, the tool even works in tracking all the appropriate GPS information. With the GPS tracking facility, you can easily watch the route history of every individual vehicle of the entire fleet. Regardless of the size of your fleet, with the GPS tracking of My20 ELD, you not only reduce the operational cost but also maximize the efficiency.

7. Affordable pricing and flexibility in the installation process

my20 eld no monthly feeThe special trait of my20 ELD no monthly fee has increased its usage among the fleet managers.  All you need to do is a monthly subscription to cherish the master features and benefits of the logging device. On the other hand, the procedure for installing the device is also extremely flexible. With the presence of a 9-pin ECM connector, and 6-pin OBD-II ports, it can be installed in every vehicle. After installing the application, the ELD device has to be positioned right in the diagnostic port.

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Pros and Cons

Hopefully, you are now well aware of what is My20 ELD. Let’s learn about the advantages and drawbacks that come with the device.

  • It is equipped with endless amazing features
  • The device provides feverish customer service
  • It is extremely affordable
  • It can be installed and accessed easily
  • It works like wonder benefiting the fleet managers
  • The users might come across connection issues
  • It changes conditions frequently.
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How to use My20 ELD?

my20 eld amazonIt is specially created for the fleet manager or an individual owner-operator. The solution is appropriate for everyone willing to enhance the safeguarding and productivity of the drivers. After installing the hardware of my20 ELD in the indicative port, you need to link the device with your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity. The device then undertakes a few internal checks to ensure everything is in order. The users need to provide the PIN and driver ID to log onto the device.

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Customer Support

My20 ELD delivers prospects with multiple aids and facilities. Visit the official website to know more about the services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which devices does My20 ELD support?

Ans: Presently, the device works efficiently on the 6.0 Android devices and 10.03 Apple smartphones.

Q2. Can I see how much driving time is left in My20 ELD?

Ans: Yes! There is a specific section on the left side labeled as Time Clock, which will notify you about the driving hours.

Q3. Can My20 ELD view my location always?

Ans: No, the device can only access the location while the duty mode is enabled. 

Q4. Why do I need to login to the My20 ELD every week?

Ans: Due to the security concern, My20 ELD asks the users to log in to the device to confirm your credentials.

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My20 ELD helps in linking the truck engine with the driving times that are recorded automatically. Also, the application has all those qualities that are needed to meet the requirements of HOS. It is an all-in-one key that can work in improving the entire driving experience. The back-office tools and the equipment of the service provider assist both the operator and the owners to enhance the revenue of their business or organization. My20 ELD device is constructed with telematics hardware and software that is used to keep track of all the activities of the drivers. Besides saving money, this device offers the users to earn profit without traveling long distances.  Route mapping, dynamic load-matching, navigation, etc. has made it even more advantageous.

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