Omnitracs XRS Review | Cost , Features & Overview 2021

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Omnitracs is not a new name in the industry of private and hire-fleets. The platform like Omnitracs XRS brings cost-effective and high-level ELD solutions. Both small and large companies can apply this solution to their enterprise.

Be it HOS or GPS tracking, XRS remains at the top. Likewise, with the help of   XRS Omnitracs, you can optimize the fleet through your smart device. All kinds of reports will be available to you with just a click. Let’s explore some of its features with basics and details:

Key Specifications
  • GPS
  • DVIR
  • Fault codes
  • HOS
Display Device
  • Type: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • OS: Android
TransmitsEmail / Web Service
  • $38 monthly
  • $0 upfront
  • $1368 for 3 years

Prominent Features

  • FMCSA compliance
  • HOS reports
  • Highly accurate GPS
  • Driver scorecard
  • Prevents damage through timely alerts.

The Omnitracs reviews are full of positive comments due to its high-tech features. The drivers can easily store their data for future access. Likewise, managers can manage drivers and vehicles from their offices.

Fleet owners can monitor their managers and the rest of the staff through the XRS system. Hence, everyone who is connected to a fleet can grow in terms of task management. Eventually, the business grows, and fleets earn huge profits and the workers also get the rewards.

What is XRS is easy to find through the below details. The insight will help fleet workers know what is in for them, as everybody is concerned about their job. In general, this solution enhances the production and makes people efficient.

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Omnitracs XRS Electronic Logs

Imagine how much time you can save through XRS electronic log and you will see that truck drivers are so happy. The HOS logs don’t depend on papers as everything is digital. Just use your phone to save your duty hours. You can access these reports through Bluetooth.

The inspection staff can also get the HOS reports via email or WhatsApp. These logs are according to the FMCSA rules. The reports help drivers eliminate violations and save them from penalty fees.

The drivers can also improve the quality of the reports through regular updates. The XRS electronic logs are compatible with android tablets or smartphones. If there is any violation, the app will warn the dispatchers and drivers.

Accurate IFTA 

You will get a simple IFTA system that helps track fuel consumption. Besides, the mileage reports are also accurate with fewer errors. Omnitracs XRS also reduces the audit issue. The drivers can share reports or can take the print.

All calculations are automatic, including the in-state and state-by-state travel. Likewise, how much fuel goes into a journey is also clear in the form of IFTA reports. 

The data stays safe for 6 years; hence, the fleet owners or managers can compare the performance of the company through logging history. How to print logs with Omnitracs XRS, is easy to understand through a user manual.

Tracks Drivers

There is no other way to track drivers other than through the XRS system. The managers can monitor the way a driver drives. The dashboard is so simple and displays comprehensive data. Be it idle hours or speeding, the manager will know from his device. 

The fuel usage reports will reveal if the driver is honest or using the vehicle after duty hours. All these alerts keep drivers on the right track and they don’t even think of bullying the back-office staff.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Data

When it comes to DVIR, XRS Omnitracs will not stay behind. The entire system has minimum errors and the reports are ready on your smart tablet or mobile. These inspection reports are according to the law, following the 396.11regulations.

XRS Mobile

The users can do everything through the XRS Fleetview app. The map is very effective and helps locate vehicles in just a few minutes. With the help of XRS mobile, you can stay intact with the rest of the staff. 

It provides a breadcrumb view of driver and vehicle location. Besides, it also warns through fault codes. The managers can fix a problem easily through alerts, helping fleets continue their operations.

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How To Install

The installation of this ELD is too easy as you just buy the device and plug it into the port of your vehicle. The app will connect your mobile phone or tab to the device. You can also take the help of the Omnitracs XRS manual before installation.

Omnitracs XRS Pricing 

Most fleet owners believe that Omnitracs ELD pricing is within its budget because it has no upfront cost. The monthly cost is $38, whereas if you buy a 3-year plan, you will pay $1368, so consider it ideal.

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Accurate reports
  • Hassle-free installation and removal
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Communication error may happen
  • Pre-trip process issues
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Are drivers happy with XRS?

Drivers can change their work status by selecting this feature from the Dashboard. They can also share various reports, so this makes their job easier.

How managers can track drivers and vehicles?

The GPS allows us to track vehicles and drivers. The device is very helpful in navigation. It is also easy to track customer location.

How to access IFTA and DVIR Reports

The data transfer through the app and website is available. The driver and control features allow users to share their files or take the prints.

What is the price of Omnitracs XRS?

The upfront cost is zero, and the monthly cost is $ 38. If you buy a three-year plan, you will have to pay $ 1368. It seems like a budget-friendly option.

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Omnitracs XRS helps drivers overcome violations by keeping essential reports. It is an FMCS compliance device. Besides, the HOS reports are also accessible. The installation is very simple and the display is readable while driving. You can run it from your smart device.

The managers can track fuel usage, driver behavior, and vehicle’s condition. The device is easy to afford due to no upfront cost. The drivers need a smartphone or tab to run the app and record different data.

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