Pedigree Technologies ELD Chrome Review: A Flexible Solution for Your Electronic Logging Needs

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Fleet management can be frustrating when it comes to keeping track of all the vehicles and staying updated with their paper works. To decrease the manual labor, here comes a reliable technical solution, in the name of ELD or Electronic Logging Device. This equipment will handle all your fleet management stress and enhance your revenue. Though a wide range of options is available, the ELD offered by Pedigree Technologies, better known as the ELD chrome is a solid-player in the market.

This ELD is driven by the award-winning OneView platform that allows you to track, diagnose, and successfully communicate with all your assets in real-time, thus easing your fleet management procedure. Today, we will give you a detailed overview of Pedigree ELD Chrome to let you know what makes this ELD solution different and superior to its competitors. So, without further discussion, let’s move deeper into the pedigree ELD review to get a broader idea.

Key Specifications
Manufacturer Pedigree Technologies
  • DVIR
  • Automated IFTA report
  • Two-way messaging
  • Asset tracking
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Automated alarms
Display Device
  • Type: Dedicated
  • OS: Android
Transmits Email / Web Service
  • Up Front Cost: $499
  • Monthly Cost: $25
  • 3-year Total Cost: $1399

Brand Overview

pedigree oneviewPedigree Technologies is an award-winning web-based technological solutions provider, with its headquarter located at Fargo, North Dakota. Started in 2004, this organization has a growing client-base and has collaborated with several mobile workers through their OneView 2 pedigree technologies platform.

The ELD chrome from the house of Pedigree is best known for assisting fleet companies in tracking, monitoring, and diagnosing their valuable assets. The FMCSA compliant ELD is loaded with features that make it a must-have for all the fleet owners and managers. Besides, the support from the OneView platform makes it compatible with any device and also helps in managing drivers, equipment, and vehicles from anywhere at any time.

If you go through the pedigree technologies reviews, you will get well acquainted with their dependable services and wide fan-base.

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A brief overview of Pedigree Technologies ELD solutions:

pedigree oneviewPedigree ELD’s solutions, named as Cab-Mate, are of 3 types. And each one of them has their ELD mandate and FMCSA compliance. The hardware packages offered by Pedigree Technologies are as follows: Cab-Mate One: In this wired device, the recording unit of the ELD lies inside the cradle, exactly where the screen rests.

Thus, when an inspection officer scrutinizes your fleet, the screen can be easily removed, while the cradle will continue to record engine data. The integration of the device with pedigree OneView API widens its scope of applications. It also gets powered up in a minute.

However, this dedicated device comes with an innate Location Messaging Unit (LMU), which makes it have limited expandability. You can purchase this hardware for $599-$799. Cab-Mate Connect: This dedicated hardware is also wired to an external engine recording device, but it requires 10-minutes for installation. This particular device also offers superior sensor capabilities. Besides, this device works impeccably with the OneView platform.

While coming along with all these configurations, this hardware will cost you around $599-$799. Cab-Mate Open: This OneView facilitated ELD solution from Pedigree Technologies comes with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) option. It means that unlike the above-stated dedicated devices, the Cab-Mate Open allows your fleet to use it on various Android tablet devices available in the market, and it operates via Bluetooth. Compared to the other two devices, the pedigree cost for Cab-Mate Open is comparatively low.

You can buy this ELD solution for only $299-$399. Although these 3 ELD solutions will provide the driver as well as fleet owner with more or less similar experiences, varied configurations will benefit specific needs. So, depending on your requirements, opt for the right ELD with proper functionalities.

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What makes Pedigree Technologies ELD enviable?

Well, being a reckoned software development firm, the pedigree rating has touched its zenith in creating one of the best ELD solutions for the businesses involving trucks. So, the qualities that make Pedigree ELD desirable for the users are stated below:

User-friendly OneView mobile app:

The ELD chrome has launched a pedigree OneView mobile app with a wide variety of specifications. It displays driving time, HoS, engine diagnostics, and every vital fleet parameter. Also, it allows creating and editing logs within a few seconds. Thus, the device saves a lot of time and energy of the users.

Easy Installation:

oneview 2 pedigree technologiesYou need to set up your preferred Cab-Mate model in the vehicle to access all the data from the device. This installation and setup process will hardly cost you 10-15 minutes. The tablet-like Cab-

Mate is first synced with the OneView 2 pedigree technologies platform via cellular connectivity or Bluetooth. After that, once the app is installed for your system, the next step is training. The cab-mate comes with a guide in itself. It has a driver interactive training program that will train the commercial drivers to get used to the e-log.

Convenient portability:

The Pedigree ELD is preferable due to another exclusive feature, i.e., portability. The logging device can be easily moved from one vehicle to another as per necessity. And most importantly, this process of moving ELD to some other truck won’t make it lose the previously recorded data.

24×7 customer support

From the pedigree technologies reviews, it is evident that the Pedigree technologies host a very prompt support team, who are always ready to answer your queries. You can connect with them via contact form.

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Technical Specifications of Pedigree Technologies ELD Chrome:

Apart from the user-attractive features that make the ELD Chrome visually intuitive, the device also accompanies a few advanced technical features. So, let’s have a look at it.

Customizable real-time GPS tracking:

pedigree ratingThe GPS enabled device gives the live location and track records of the vehicles to the fleet managers. The dashboard of the device displays all the real-time data of operations of the fleet on a single screen. Also, the fleet owners can communicate with the drivers and the ELD in real-time. The real-time tracking ability of the device is one of the significant factors for high pedigree rating and immense demand in the market.

IFTA Automated Reporting:

The DVIR system allows the drivers to complete and update their vehicle inspection reports daily. With the help of DVIR and DTCs, all the data gets electronically recorded. Thus, the owners get to manage IFTA automatic reporting via electronic means instead of manual paper logs and inspection reports.

Effective two-way messaging mechanism:

The two-way messaging system enables the managers and drivers to communicate with each other throughout the entire journey via the dashboard of the ELD. It also helps the sender to know the exact time when the receiver reads the message.

Highly sensible and automated alarm system:

The automated alarm system provided in the pedigree eld is usually used for vehicles’ safety purposes. It sends notification alerts to the owner or manager as soon as it detects accidents, motor breakdowns, and technical faults of the fleets. In case, the drivers have breached any traffic rule; then also, this system alerts both the manager and driver about the violation.

Verified document image capture prototype:

The ELDs offer the facility of capturing and scanning images of the documents. This system also helps in verifying the documents for digital identity matches. For enhanced functioning of this feature, the Cab-Mate Connect ELD comes with an embedded rear camera facilitated with infrared light.

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Is the Pedigree ELD worth it?

The pedigree cost might seem a little expensive for the ones who are seeking bare minimum ELD compliance, but no good thing comes cheap. Pedigree requires an upfront payment of $499. Once paid, you can avail the monthly plan of $25 or the 3-year plan of $1399.

So, by now, if you have decided upon Pedigree ELD, then you can easily avail for its demo before purchasing. Click here to request for a demo.

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This review was meant to make you familiar with the innovative ELD Chrome and its solutions from Pedigree Technologies that has made its mark in the fleet industry quite prominently. The advanced technological implementations used in this hardware makes it one of the most full-featured and flexible ELDs available in the market till now.

Those who require a bare minimum logging device will find this ELD quite expensive. However, if you are looking for a solution other than simple compliance, then the Pedigree ELD might be the best choice for you.


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