Teletrac Navman Reviews – How Does It Work?

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There is a long list of ELD units of which some are effective and affordable, but some are not so. Here we are going to describe the Teletrac Navman reviews to help customers in their search. This is a good combination of hardware and software.

The drivers can log their duty timings and the management can run a fleet effectively. It allows users to review fuel usage, driver scores, HOS, and other data. You will get the GPS and location info, as well as, the web portal will keep you connected to everyone.

According to certain reviews, Teletrac ELD has got a high rating, especially, by the business community. Unlike other ELDs, this system has a centralized platform that controls everything. Like, you would get the Rydesmart fleet Director that is a login interface.

The other way is to work through its app that you can download on your android and iOS device. The internet connection will connect you to the web portal and you can track the vehicles and drivers. Sharing your data while driving is so easy now.

Key Specifications
Manufacturer Teletrac Navman
  • GPS
  • DVIR
  • IFTA
  • HOS
Display Device
  • Type: Dedicated
  • OS: Android & iOS
Transmits Web Service
  • $ 25 monthly
  • $ 0 upfront
  • $900 for 3 years

What Is Teletrac and Why to Have It?

teletrac eldTeletrac is a wireless tracker with software. It is ideal for several industries such as;

  • Transportation
  • Trucking
  • Construction
  • Loading

The dashboard camera helps users monitor fleet drivers from anywhere. The drivers remain active due to consistent monitoring and their performance increases. It increases route effectiveness, reducing the overall cost. Besides, the unnecessary idle hours of the workers also become low.

The Director software connects the managers to the camera. The fleet owners can install this software on their device to get ahead with tracking. The basic features of Teletrac ELD are as below:

  • Minimizes repair costs
  • Minimizes HOS violations 
  • Provides training tutorials
  • Decreases the insurance costs
  • Enhances CSA performance
  • Provides the IFTA and DVIR reports
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Provides alerts and warnings
  • In-cab tablets

Effective and Unique Solution

teletrac reviewsThe users find the software very effective because of a simple interface. The users can take the help of a manual to install it, but the company also helps in this regard without any cost. This is a unique ELD system having a smart technology.

The fleet owners get timely updates and know the location of their vehicles. The system is compatible with both small and large fleets. However, the transport company must have 3 trucks to get this ELD as this is the condition of the Teletrac Navman. You can customize the dashboard according to your business and the kind of data you want to review.

Enhances Management Process

Managers can now make their work better. Like, they can focus on certain tasks to run the fleet effectively. According to Teletrac reviews, the software allows fleet owners or managers to watch their vehicles from another town.

The users can know the condition of the traffic on a particular route. Besides, you can also detect the weather before planning a trip. All these things keep drivers and vehicles safe. Effective management through Director helps in fast deliveries.

Better Company Revenue

The fleet grows through better management and that requires certain tools like Teletrac ELD. Your business will enhance when everything is under control. The accidents, the rule violations, and theft, all can ruin your business. But, regular monitoring and tracking will increase business revenue. The satisfaction of the road inspector further makes this device safe.

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What it has for Drivers?

what is teletrakOther than logging, the drivers can inform the back-staff about engine issues, requesting repairs. They get free from the heavy paperwork and can focus on other things while driving.          

If an accident happens, the mangers get immediate alerts and can reach the location to the look after the incident. Especially, if the driver is not guilty, it helps fleet leadership save expenses.

Drivers’ driving habits are also evident and the managers can warn drivers in case of rash driving or speeding. The managers can monitor the strengths and weaknesses of drivers and can take necessary steps to resolve some issues.

Economical ELD System

teletrac reviewsIn general, Teletrac ELD is a cost-effective solution for every user. You can also choose the Director software from various plans, including: 

  • Director essential
  • Director professional
  • Director enterprise

The price of each plan is different and increases as the features increase. However, the device does not have any upfront costs. 

You will have to pay a monthly cost like $25 that is less than several other ELD brands.  The cost of the three-year plan is also very low and affordable, like up to $900.

  • Training facility for drivers
  • Quick fault alerts
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick installation
  • Simple software
  • Issues with GPS
  • Technical support takes time

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Does Teletrac Navman provide updates?

Yes, the company provides regular updates for e-logging and management tools.

Is Teletrac Navman ELD a compliant device?

The device fulfills the FMCSA regulations. It is a self-certified device, so it is safe for drivers and fleets.

Do I need professional help to install Teletrac Navman ELD?

No, you can read the manual to understand the installation process. Teletrac Navman also provides a free installation service.

Is technical support available for Teletrac ELD?

It is available, but the process takes a lot of time.

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The above Teletrac Navman reviews show that it is a low-cost solution. Besides, it is unique due to Director Software that connects the drivers and management. The users can also install the Teletrac Navman app to record and access the necessary data.

The device and software provide all that you need for a fleet. The drivers can improve the duty hours and can avoid violations. The management can track drivers from anywhere. 

From DVIR to HOS and fuel consumption, all reports are quickly accessible. The cost of this ELD depends on the plan, but the basic plan is cheaper compared to other ELD brands.

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