Transflo ELD T7 Buying Guide

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When it comes to a cost-effective ELD solution, Transflo ELD T7 appears in our minds. It is a compliant unit so the drivers prefer it. You can have high-end tracking features through this telematics software. The drivers and fleet leadership can enjoy lots of benefits from this e-logging system.

There are both positive and negative Transflo ELD reviews; however, the benefits overcome the drawbacks. Generally, it helps reduce certain costs during fleet management.

Key Specifications
Manufacturer Transflo
  • GPS
  • DVIR
  • High CSA ranking
  • HOS
Display Device
  • Type: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • OS: Android and iOS
Transmits Email / Web Service
  • $25 monthly
  • $99 upfront
  • $999 for 3 years

It is an e-log solution that has something for all fleet members. Some basic features of Transflo are:What is Transflo?

  • what is transfloQuick installation in a few minutes
  • Compact hardware
  • ELD and telematics solution
  • Records and scanning
  • Fast customer support system
  • Violation alerts
  • Diagnostics and fault code alerts
  • GPS based on maps
  • TMS integration
  • Built-in GPS sensors

The managers can

  • Track truck location
  • Access data on loads
  • Enhance management

Innovative ELD

transflo eld reviewsYou will see 3 main features in this device, like Transflo T7 that is complaint with heavy vehicles, including trucks and loaders. Then, it has a built-in app that helps in making e-logs and different reports such as DVIR and inspection. The third element is its portal where drivers and managers can sign up to get IFTA and other reports.

Hassle-Free Logging

The drivers don’t have to fill several logbooks as they can do it through the app. The fleets can save lots of money through e-logs by eliminating the paper logbooks. Large companies require several logbooks for all drivers, so they can save $705 for each driver through ELD T7.

More Profit

Fleets can increase their monthly and yearly revenue through Transflo. The inspection process also becomes fast and drivers get more time to work. More working hours mean more benefits to the company.

Less Maintenance

The fleet managers know the engine faults through alerts and can fix the problem. Regular monitoring of vehicles reduces maintenance costs. Likewise, accurate HOS and warnings prevent violations; hence, the drivers don’t have to face fines.

All these elements reduce different expenditures, giving benefits to the fleets. The Transflo ELD T7 reviews by managers are very satisfactory because they claim that they have saved enough income through tracking and monitoring. Fleets also become popular in the industry due to better performance and effective vehicles

Brings more Facilities

When fleet owners give benefits to their staff, it becomes happy and productive. A satisfied employee can make good decisions, creating a healthy work environment. The drivers can take enough breaks after getting the alerts. GPS is another facility that protects vehicles and drivers from going to the wrong locations.

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How to Use Transflo?

how to use transfloYou must know how to use Transflo ELD so that you can get more benefits. The manual can also help you in this regard. However, you can also get guidance from your seniors.

You don’t need any training; however, spend some time in understanding the software to access your data. The company has a user guide in PDF form that you can download from its website.

No More Accidents

When the drivers know that managers are monitoring their every movement, they stay active. Most of the accidents happen due to sleepiness, but the HOS limits keep drivers active, preventing excessive working hours. It also prevents the vehicle from damages that may happen due to accidents.

FMCSA Compliant

Transflo ELD has FMCSA certification that’s why lots of drivers prefer it. The managers can reduce the costs by tracking vehicles. Due to certification, the device is popular in the fleet industry.

Compatible with Smart Device

Platforms like Google Android and Apple are ideal for this ELD solution. You will also get a cellular chip with ELD T7 that helps in data transfer. Hence, you don’t need to pair it with Bluetooth like other companies’ ELDs. 

The device easily configures the app and file sharing is also comfortable. The app comes up with enough storage and also keeps data history. The company also sells the Samsung galaxy tab with a built-in Transflo app.

ELD T7 cost

The cost of Transflo ELD depends on the monthly plans. With $28, the user can have DVIR, IFTA, and HOS records. Whereas, the $31plan also includes GPS, engine diagnostics, and violation alerts. 

All plans cover the compliance of US state laws and regulation of ten cities of Canada. 

Quick Customer Support Service

The customers of Transflo ELD get quick response through phone or live chat. The company has a special team to look after its customers. The users can also get help via email. However, communication through the phone will be more helpful.

  • GPS data transfer
  • Simple set up
  • Ideal for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Rout and fuel tracking
  • Convenient mobile app
  • 1-year warranty
  • App gets issues
  • High upfront cost

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Are drivers happy with Transflo ELD?

Drivers can change their work status by selecting this feature from the Dashboard. They can also share various reports, so this makes their job easier.

How the managers can track drivers and vehicles?

GPS allows us to track vehicles and drivers. The device is very helpful in navigation. It is also easy to track customer location.

How to access HOS, IFTA and DVIR Reports?

The data transfer through the app and website is available. The driver and control features allow users to share their files or take the prints.

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The Transflo ELD T7 helps drivers in e-logs and keeps them active through HOS. You can install the device in a few minutes. The fleet leadership can track and monitor their cars and trucks or other vehicles.

It keeps managers alert about fuel consumption. Besides, drivers’ performance also increases due to GPS and alerts. The device complies with necessary ELD rules and boosts fleet operations.

The cost depends on the available subscription plans. However, you will have to pay for the hardware. The upfront cost makes it a bit expensive.

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