VDO ROADLOG REVIEWS: Features, Benefits, & Installation

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The days when paperwork used to be the norm for fleet management are now over. Whether you want to or not, shifting to the latest digital ELD mandate is required. With the popularization of the electronic logging devices, the market is loaded with top-quality ELD devices.

That is why selecting the best from the lot can be a tad bit difficult. To make things easy for you, we have reviewed some of the best ELD devices in our series. In this VDO Roadlog review series, we will talk about this popular ED mandate solution. So, let us get started!

Key Specifications
  • IFTA
  • DVIR
Display Device
  • OS: Android and iOS
  • Type: Dedicated
TransmitsTransmits the logs via web and local channels to DOT
  • Up-front Price: $299
  • Monthly Price: $0

Brand Overview

vdo electronic logsCreated by the company Continental AG, the VDO Roadlog is well-known ELD compliant software that is a must-have for any fleet manager or driver.

The company is a globally-acclaimed brand that deals in automobile parts, power train, rubber tires, as well as brake systems. Not just that, this Germany-based company is also known to host a range of ELD devices and operates all around the world. 

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Features of the VDO Roadlog ELD

When talking about the prime features of the VDO Roadlog ELD, this mandate software is an amazing option with versatile technology that makes fleet management highly productive.

Here are some features of the ELD explained below:

1-ELD Compliance:

Several ELD providers claim that their devices or software are FMCSA compliant. But, this doesn’t mean it is actually true. With Roadlog ELD, the case isn’t the same. The device is rigorously tested by the FMCSA to ensure the features adhere to the certification requirements. So, one can be assured that ELD is completely reliable. 

2-Automatic Updates:

 vdo roadlog priceIf you aren’t someone who loves to juggle with technology, the VDO Roadlog ELD is something that makes things easy for you. The reason behind it is that the device is completely automatic & can easily detect the statuses & prepare the necessary updates as per requirement. 

3-Data Management:

With regulations for ELD advancing constantly, you need to select a reliable brand that tends to pay close attention and dedication to data management and recording capabilities. The device can record any event related to the driver as well as the vehicle. It is inclusive of fuel tracking, status allocation, location, as well as vehicle speed. 

4-Printing Functions:

If you are someone who loves to keep the backup of your records as hardcopy, you can do so with the help of the VDO Roadlog ELD. The device possesses an inbuilt printer that works with thermal technology. So, whenever you require, there is an instant printout for your DVIR and logs. 

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Pros and Cons

Given the VDO Roadlog price, the ELD solution brings in a lot of features. So, now that you know the basics of the VDO Roadlog ELD software, here are some pros and cons of using this ELD compliant option. 

  • In-built fleet log printer
  • Stable hardware
  • Avoid any upfront costs with the FlexPay monthly option
  • Pricing too high for the few telematics features
  • Costly thermal paper replacement
  • Isn’t as user friendly
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How to Install VDO Electronic Logs

The VDO Roadlog ELD is easy to install and doesn’t need you to be tech-friendly at all. Plus, you do not need any support as well. All you need to do is plug the device into your fleet’s system and switch it on. The automated ELD software will start working as soon as you are good to go.

The VDO Roadlog ELD requires you to be connected with the internet service provider that you have purchased a plan from. The device then transmits the logs via local or web channels to the DOT. As simple as that! 

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Who Can Use VDO Roadlog

 vdo roadlog costThe VDO Roadlog is an ideal solution for fleet management that assists businesses regardless of their size with features such as log auditing, route tracking, as well as driver management.

The solution also comes with software that furnishes options such as automation of the driver logbook, IFTA, data archiving, as well as reporting of the IRP miles. 

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How to Order & Customer Support

As of now, VDO Roadlog is no longer sold by the company and discontinued. However, the Roadlog Company has collaborated with KeepTruckin to continue supporting its existing customers. Any user who wants to shift their logging requirements by opting for KeepTruckin shall be supported completely.

RoadLog, after collaboration, will continue providing complete support to its existing customers. You can get in touch with the customer care representatives at 855-ROADLOG. Alternatively, you can also visit the official website https://www.vdoroadlog.com/index.php and go through the same. 

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1-What does the discontinuation of the VDO Roadlog mean for the customers?

Answer: Although the company will keep providing support to the existing customers, it is advised that fleet managers and drivers should shift to a solution that is ELD compliant before 14th August 2020. 

2-How long is my existing VDO Roadlog solution going to work?

Answer: All of the existing VDO electronic logs version will operate continually & be compliant till the date 14th August 2020.  3-Can I access the portal for VDO Roadlog to get access to IFTA and HOS information? Answer: Yes, you can absolutely access the official portal to get information. However, this information shall only be retained until 14th August 2020.

4-What do I need to do to get the data for IFTA and HOS?

Answer: Yes, you will be sent an official email with instructions on the retrieval of data and the ways to download the PDF. It should be done before 14th August 2020. 

5-Will my billing for the online subscriptions continue?

Answer: All the billings plans subscribed for by the customers shall continue till 1st August unless you opt for the KT offer advantage. You can also notify the company if you plan to leave the platform before 1st August. 

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If you are looking for a top-quality ELD device, the VDO Roadlog is a perfect option for fleet owners as well as owner-operators. Talking about the VDO Roadlog cost, it doesn’t burn a hole into your pocket. Plus, it is definitely packed with mandate features & benefits. What makes the VDO Roadlog all the more appealing is the fact that you can adhere to the on-road rules and requirements in a professional manner. 

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