VisTracks ELD Review: A complete feature-packed guide

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If you aren’t updated with the latest transportation-related mandates, here’s news for you. FMCSA has recently mandated the use of ELD devices for the fleet owners/managers/drivers. So, if you are struggling with the search for the perfect ELD device, the options could be vast. After our research through several top-ranking devices in the market, we have outlined some of the best for fleet owners. 

One such popular device, which is the latest in the market, is the VisTracks ELD device. With the use of this device, you get access to a software/hardware platform that works perfectly for drivers that own both Android as well as iOS devices. The best feature of the VisTracks ELD is the fact that it is a top-notch device for fleet managers with cloud-based features. It ensures your fleet doesn’t get fined during on-road inspections

VisTracks allows the resellers to brand this ELD software with relabeling facilities. VisTracks flaunts 60+ software resellers making it one of the top rankers in the market. 

So, if you are wondering what else makes this software/device so special, here is an in-depth VisTracks review for you.

Key Specifications
Manufacturer VisTracks
  • Cloud Services
  • White-labeled Software
  • FMCSA Certified
Display Device Doesn’t have any hardware (Only Software)
Transmits Operating System: Android/iOS
Pricing -Not Available-

Brand Overview of VisTracks ELD

vistracks eldFounded in the year 2008, VisTracks entered the fleet market, combining the M2M applications along with a platform that was designed for the development of top-notch apps for truckers. As it scouted through the market, the company created an advanced feature for the HOS system and filled in a unique position in the electronic logging world.

Today, VisTracks is one of the leading service providers for white-labeled, reseller-based ELD solutions. As opposed to providing hardware devices for users, the VisTracks rather dispatches software solutions designed for the resellers. 

Apart from the logging of HOS, the company helps manage the services dedicated to IFTA, vehicle inspections, as well as electronic-based work orders. All of these services, including those of the add-ons for tracking and mobile work, are actually based on the very same software module. The software is tailored to adhere to the specific needs of the fleet operators. Its design allows for complete integration with tablets as well as vehicle hardware. 

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Features of VisTracks ELD

The prime feature that comes with the use of VisTracks login ELD software is its HOS capability, along with some cool features. Additionally, the VisTracks software comes with an IFTA feature designed to record the taxable miles and gallons. With this ELD software, you get the DVIR tool designed for the completion and submission of vehicle inspections

Here are certain features and capabilities that come with VisTracks:

VisTracks Portal:

vistracks loginWith a modern interface, the VisTracks Portal provides the users’ access to easy-to-use software. It is primarily aimed for use by the back office rank holders to ensure things fall in line properly. It can be used by the safety managers to assign the driving time or correct the driver logs. 

All of the suggested edits added to the VisTracks portal can be easily tracked over the portal. It allows dedicated managers to know whether the correction has been accepted or rejected. 

VisTracks Application:

The VisTracks HOS includes an Android/iOS application. The design of the application is very slick and intuitive that makes things handy and convenient for most of the drivers. Additionally, it also provides the required data for DVIR support or IFTA reporting along with HOS. 

Apart from adhering to the federal rules set by the U.S. government, the VisTracks application supports Canadian rules as well. 


With VisTracks, you require minimal training for use and installation. Administration tools designed for account, vehicle, as well as driver management, are fairly simplistic in make. As a fleet owner, you do not have to worry with regards to errors. The on-screen process for documentation helps with error minimization while supporting the decrease of any additional cost. 

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Benefits/Reasons to Choose VisTracks ELD

With the VisTracks ELD, you get access to a plethora of benefits that can be summed up from the resellers’ rating. These benefits/reasons include:

  • resellers ratingFor every unit, the users can specify if they will continue existing as the AOBRD device/ operate in the real-time ELD mode. 
  • Drivers can click pictures of the defects and documents with the use of the camera within the device.
  • The software lists out the recap hours in a convenient manner to allow the drivers for an easy lookout.
  • As opposed to other market rankers, the violations can be clearly seen over the log grid in the portal.
  • The portal and tablet worked in synchronization to provide a real-time fleet view for the employees at the back office.
  • You get access to automatic retry if there is a connection drop in the ELD software.
  • All the fleet drivers can be kept under observation and can be deleted or added as per requirement from the logs.
  • VisTracks also enables the examination and editing of logs as per requirement.
  • It provides access to a range of brands that create Android tablets along with ELD hardware such as CalAmp, Geometrics, Digi, and BAFX. 
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Pros and Cons of VisTracks ELD

  • Enhanced and customized inspections
  • User-friendly software experience
  • Modern and slick driver app
  • Feature-packed web portal
  • White-labeled software
  • Ease of use
  • FMCSA certification
  • Might show some connectivity issues
  • Basic software solution with few additional features

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Pricing for VisTracks ELD

When talking about the pricing factor, the VisTracks ELD isn’t directly sold to the end customers. Rather, it is sold to the companies that resell it to the end customers. So, as such, the pricing for VisTracks ELD isn’t known. 

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How to install the VisTracks ELD?

The very first thing you need to understand with the VisTracks ELD is the fact that it isn’t a device, rather software that is installed over different devices. The software makes use of a tablet or smartphone as opposed to your typical ELD meant for electronic logs or vehicle inspections. If you happen to prefer ELDs, the hardware can easily be purchased separately. With this ELD software, you get the flexibility of hardware selection. 

The installation process is pretty easy with this VisTracks ELD. All you need to do is get the software installed over the dedicated hardware purchased from a service provider. 

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Who can use the VisTracks ELD?

The VisTracks ELD software is primarily aimed at the resellers. However, it can also be used by fleet owners, managers, as well as drivers in need of FMCSA compliance. Once you are done installing the software over any device that is connected with your fleet, you get access to easy logging options, HOS, mandate irregularity issues, etc. 

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How to buy the VisTracks ELD?

VisTracks ELD doesn’t sell its software to the end customers. Rather it sells the products to the companies that white-label it as their own. So, if you are a company in need of the VisTracks ELD, you can get in touch with the customer support team by following this link:

You can also make a quick call at (630) 596-5420. To get in touch with the team via mail, write to VisTracks at [email protected]

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Customer Support for VisTracks ELD

If you are worried that things aren’t going as per your requirement, you can always get in touch with the customer support service providers at VisTracks. 

To do so, visit the official website’s contact page:

You can contact the support team through the contact form by filling in your name, email address, as well as message needed to be conveyed. 

Apart from this, you can get in touch with the team by giving a quick call at (630) 596-5420. You can also mail the team at [email protected]

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Other things to know about VisTracks ELD

vistracks loginWhile the benefits and usability of the VisTracks ELD software largely depend on the hardware it works along with, there are several other features you need to know about it, such as:

  • Customized and enhanced inspections
  • Unlike other service providers, the log grid in the portal clearly shows all the violations
  • Team driving and slip seat
  • Disconnected operation and offline support
  • Automatic retry in case of connectivity loss with ELD
  • Two-way portal edit integration
  • Completely integrated backend portal for the driver dashboard
  • A function that allows complete control from the official portal
  • Minimal training needed with on-screen log documentation
  • Administration tools designed for a secure account, driver, as well as vehicle management
  • IFTA regulations
  • A mobile worker with cloud services
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1-Does VisTracks work on iOS devices?

Answer: Yes, the VisTracks ELD has been designed to work on various Android and iOS devices for vehicle inspections and electronic logs. 

2-How does the VisTracks make up for connectivity loss?

Answer: With the VisTracks ELD, you can expect an automatic retry if there is an instance of connectivity loss with your ELD device. Further, it can also provide offline support and disconnected operation. 

3-How can I change the duty status of the Driver in-charge?

Answer: In order to change your driver’s duty status, all you need to do is tap on the button named “Duty Status” and select the right status as per requirement. You can change it from off duty to on duty or waiting-at-site to driving. 

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While this ELD solution is a simple software, it still makes up for a turnkey solution that is now becoming a prevalent force taking over the fleet market. If you are a reseller, it can easily be white-labeled and sold under your own brand name. 

The central idea behind this software solution was to cater to the needs of fleet operators and owners with a futuristic yet simple solution for the ELD needs. With the VisTracks ELD, you are completely compliant with all the necessary mandate requisites. The device, with its simple interface, comes with ease-of-use. The device is geared towards users with no technical knowledge. The software has been designed to be used with both iOS and Android devices. 

The best thing about the VisTracks ELD software is the fact that you do not need to purchase any pricey logging devices. Plus, you can easily keep the fleet system compliant with regards to HOS, IFTA, as well as DVIR regulations with the use of the tablet or smartphone. All that is needed for you to do is sync the app with a feature-packed web portal, and you are all set.

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