Blue Ink BIT ELD – Is it the best ELD?

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bit eld reviewsELD device has a huge variety and it becomes hard to find the best. We have selected an effective device for you. The Blue Ink tech brings an ELD with amazing features that will help you see if it suits you or not.

The company does not charge extra cost like other ELD providers. Small fleets and independent drivers must not miss this device because it does not involve any contracts. All commercial drivers should have it, especially truck drivers. 

The device does not make a noise like other ELDs. If you read the BIT ELD reviews, you will come across so many benefits.

Key Specifications
Manufacturer Blue Ink Tech
  • Engine Alerts
  • Accurate GPS
  • HOS
  • DVIR
Display Device
  • Type: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • OS:Android, iOS
  • Web portal
  • Email
  • $295 monthly
  • Zero upfront

Let’s look at its features:

Maintains Vehicle

The device tracks vehicle maintenance in various forms. Like, it reminds you of an oil change or tire replacement. You will also know if there is less fuel. The Blue Ink BIT ELD reviews by fleet managers show that it perfectly manages the fleets.

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Comfortable Logs

The drivers can log easily, likewise, the small fleet managers and their online staff are also happy with the logging process. The managers also get suggestions if they do something wrong while logging. The entire automated procedure is excellent.

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Hassle-Free Installation

You can plug the device into the port in just a few seconds. After the correct installation, you can connect it to your smartphone or tab through Bluetooth. You need to have Wi-Fi or cellular data to operate the app.

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What is Bit ELD App

ink technologies reviewsThe users can download the app for free from Google play store. Whether you have Android or iOS system, the app will work perfectly. The app allows drivers to change their log annually.

The drivers will get the HOS reports and DVIR through the app. Ink technologies reviews show that the app works smoothly with less interruption. The drivers are very happy with such a simple log. A few times use will make you perfect in the app operation.

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Shared Logs

The drivers can share their logs with the related people. The entire process takes just a few minutes in sharing through email.

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Prevents Overages

The device sends alerts through the app if there is a break failure or another issue. Likewise, the overages issues can also be resolved through quick alerts.

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Accurate Reports

The ELD device provides accurate reports. From HOS logs to its viewing, all are perfect. The driver gets the report to send it to the back-office staff.

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Prevents Engine Issues

The fleet staff can detect any issue in the engine. The app sends alerts if there is any fault in the engine. This timely effort can save your precious vehicle from getting fully damaged. The app sends info through fault codes. This is a great feature and the company makes ELD for light duty trucks.

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What is the ELD Web Portal for?

blue ink bit eld reviewsThe BIT ELD reviews are mostly by small fleet operators. The unit is very effective as both ELD and software are prompt. The web-portal and helps users in many ways. Like, it tracks HOS and also provides the inspection reports.

Several other tools of this web portal help fleet managers and owners. Like, they can see driver status, and their driving and logging behavior. They can also track the location of the vehicles. 

The violation that happens due to drivers is easier to track now. The web portal helps the staff in vehicle maintenance. From fault codes to the DVIRs, all are provided by the web.

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What it includes

The product includes an ELD device, BIT ELD app, and access to its platform. The entire unit has only one cost. The ELD solution provided by this company includes more compliance features than the other devices.

Let’s see what these solutions include

VIN-Vehicle Identification Number

The device records data of the specific vehicles. When we shift it to another vehicle it identifies the new vehicle and records its data.

Tracks Engine Hours

eld for light duty trucksFrom engine hour reports to the ELD logs transfer, BIT ELD provides everything.  It automatically records the working hours of an engine. Whether the engine is on or off, the managers can find it through the reports being recorded in the app.


The device also tracks distance, providing the odometer readings that your phone records. The app process this information for further operation.

Excellent Memory

The Blue Ink ELD has internal memory. The users can use this memory to save the logs or events in the absence of the app. This feature works in case there is an unidentified driver.

Blue Ink Bit ELD Cost

The cost of Blue Ink ELD is just one like it has no monthly costs like other ELD devices. Likewise, you won’t have to pay any service charges. Hence the onetime cost makes this device very economical. 

You can buy it at just $295.  Small fleets really love the Blue Ink devices due to their low price because they already have to pay the high compliance costs.

  • No upfront cost
  • Both hardware and software are simple
  • Easy installation
  • HOS tracking
  • DVIR record
  • FMCSA compliance
  • Accurate GPS
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • IFTA reports
  • Lacks advanced features
  • Not ideal for large fleets

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Is Blue Ink best for owner-operators?

Yes, it is an ideal solution for small fleet companies. The fleet owners can track drivers and vehicle from anywhere.

Does Blue Ink have any monthly fee?

Unlike other ELD devices, Blue Ink has no additional cost like a monthly service fee, etc. Just pay once and use this ELD for as long as you want.

How much time does it take in installation?

In just a few minutes, you can plug in the device into the port of your truck or car. Just buy it, plug it in, download the app, and here you are with so many benefits.

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If you need an effective device, you must approach Blue Ink tech as the ELD is a smart device for small fleets and truck drivers. The installation involves no efforts and the cost is fixed without any monthly charges.

You don’t have to break the bank to manage your fleet as a small ELD will manage everything. Manage your feet from home or office. The ELD tracks engine and driver status automatically. The BIT ELD app is also simple and works flawlessly. Small companies can have this cost-effective e-logs.

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