BridgeHaul ELD Review 2021: Efficient Compliance System

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For truckers and fleet owners in search of an efficient ELD compliance system, there is a fresh new solution in the market. The BridgeHaul ELD is one of its kind and highly affordable solutions designed for reliable transportation. As per the Bridgehaul reviews by drivers, this ELD is a fairly priced solution with features that are surely enough for the compliance needs. 

Apart from the basic compliance capabilities, the Bridgehaul comes with add-on features useful for owner-operators and carriers. In this guide, we will list out the best features and ways to use the features within the BridgeHaul ELD.

So, let us get started right away!

Key Specifications
  • IFTA
  • DVIR
  • Document Scanning
  • Navigation
Display Device
  • Type: Bring Your Own Device
  • Operating System: iOS and Android
TransmitsTransmits logs via Telematics to DOT
  • Up-front Pricing: $0
  • Monthly Pricing: $15
  • 3-Year Total Price: $540

Brand Overview

bridgehaul reviewsBridgeHaul is among the top-rated companies in the fleet industry. Since the launch of the BridgeHaul ELD, the company has been focusing solely on the provisioning of top-notch automated TMS and 3PL technology. The BridgeHaul ELD is primarily used by owner-operators, carriers, as well as shippers given the latest ELD mandate requirements. 

Brandon Shapiro, the company’s owner, came up with this ELD solution with an app to eliminate the so-called middleman & allow suppliers, owner-operators, as well as carriers to establish a straightforward connection. 

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Features of Bridgehaul ELD

There are several features that make the BridgeHaul ELD one of the best choices in the market. Listed below are some of the critical features of this ELD solution. 

No Brokers:

BridgeHaul has been designed to serve the carriers, owner-operators, as well as shippers with no involvement of the brokers. With time, the company has invested time to strip down on the negotiation, brokerage costs, as well as planning time. It makes the complete process for freight transportation highly efficient

No Bidding Needed:

With the use of the BridgeHaul ELD applications, the shippers do not have to go via any bidding system to locate any suitable carrier. On the contrary, they can easily set-up personal preferences & this application can notify the drivers that comply with these requirements. 

Drivers’ Choice:

The BridgeHaul ELD application, the drivers get access to a platform designed to provide the freedom to select their very own shippers, routes, as well as loads. 

Easy Payment System:

Unlike the competitors, the BridgeHaul ELD bills the monthly fee only for the shippers. Owner-operators and carriers do not have to pay charges to access the marketplace. 

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Benefits/Reasons to Choose Bridgehaul ELD

bridgehaul eld reviewListed below are some of the amazing benefits of choosing the Bridgehaul ELD.

  • Easy installation & use
  • Recording & sending logs can be very easy
  • Compliant with the DOT and FMCSA requirements
  • Real-time ETA calculation and dispatch
  • Very affordable
  • Allows for management and document scanning
  • Countdown clocks designed for cycle resets, shift, and break 
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Pros & Cons

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Easy installation and smooth operations
  • Comes with a countdown clock
  • FMCSA Compliance/ELD Mandate
  • Might show login issues in certain cases
  • Navigator lacks truck routing
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Pricing of Bridgehaul ELD

bridgehaul reviewsIf you are wondering about the price of the Bridgehaul ELD, their prices vary depending on the users.


  • ELD Pricing: $15/Month


  • ELD Pricing: $15/Month


  • Contract Pricing
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How to install the Bridgehaul ELD?

The installation process of this ELD device by Bridgehaul is very easy. First, you need to turn down the engine. Once you have done this, search the fleet’s diagnostic port. Now, turn its adapter’s collar towards the left to the right direction. As the adapter locks up in one place, you can attach the ELD device. 

If the ELD’s power light turns green, you can confirm that the installation process has been completed. 

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Who can use the Bridgehaul ELD?

The BridgeHaul ELD can be used by fleet drivers, carriers, as well as owner-operators who are looking for an easy-to-work-with device. 

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How to order the Bridgehaul ELD?

If you are planning to order the Bridgehaul ELD, you can do so if you are a carrier or owner-operator. However, as a shipper, you need to sign up and bid for a contract pricing for the device. To make your order right away, click on this link:

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Customer Support

If you want to get in touch with the customer support service providers for Bridgehaul ELD, you can get in touch with the sales associates at (424) 500-8991. You can also get in touch with the customer support team via mail at To resolve any issues via an online support guide, click this link here:

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Other Things to Know About the Bridgehaul ELD

  • bridgehaul eld reviewOptimized Searches for Load
  • Instant load acceptance
  • Automation
  • Instant load documentation and dispatch
  • An intuitive hub for dashboard
  • Improved efficiency
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How to change the Driver Duty Status in the Bridgehaul ELD app?

Answer: In order to change the duty status of the driver, you need to use the Duty Status circular button present on the HoS screen’s center. If the vehicle is resting, you can make use of Duty Status option to toggle between On Duty, Off Duty, as well as Sleeper Berth. 

Can Bridgehaul replace the existing fleet management device in my truck?

Answer: The Bridgehaul serves as a complete solution for fleet management. It allows you a chance to track the trucks in real-time, manage the HoS, book loads, as well as manage the DVIR compliance. So, in a sense, it can surely replace your existing system for fleet management. 

Is the Bridgehaul ELD logbook legally accepted for on-road inspections?

Answer: The BridgeHaul ELD is completely compliant with the existing FMCSA regulations. So, if you are pulled over on the road for an inspection, the Bridgehaul ELD logbook is legally acceptable. 

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Whether you are an owner of just one fleet or several, this ELD device flaunts the right set of compliance tools designed for enhanced efficiency, profitability, and functionality. As noted all throughout this Bridgehaul ELD review, this solution comes with multiple advanced features designed for commercial carriers and owner-operators. 

From automated logs to real-time monitoring, this ELD has been designed to do it all and more. It is certainly the one to exceed the existing expectations of fleet managers and truck owners. As a top-rated solution, this product can also help manage driver retention as well as boost the customer satisfaction level. 

So, if you are searching for the right kind of ELD device, the BridgeHaul ELD is one for you.

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