Trackon ELD Review for Truckers and Fleet Managers

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If you are scrolling through the online market to get yourself the best ELD solution, you have landed on the right page. In this ELD series, we have reviewed the best electronic logging solution to help you choose just the right option as per your fleet size or trucking requirements.

One of the best options in our list is the Trackon ELD device.  With this particular solution, you get access to multiple features such as automated mileage tracking, dispatching, asset tracking, IFTA data acquisition, etc. So, without further ado, let us know more about this optimum solution for your fleet management needs with this Trackon ELD review.

Key Specifications
Manufacturer TrackOn
  • IFTA Reporting
  • HoS reports
  • GPS Navigation
  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking
Display Device
  • Type: Dedicated Device
  • OS: iOS and Android
Transmits Email / Web Service
  • Trackon Lite: $350 + $15 service charge.
  • For other variants, the pricing might differ

About the Company

trackon eldTrackon, the company involved in the creation of this optimum ELD solution, is also a global provider for fleet management, which is delivered as SAAS or Software-As-A-Service. The solution allows businesses a chance to adhere to the challenges that come with local fleet management.

Not just that, it also helps improve the overall productivity of the company’s mobile workforces. The ELD device designed by the company incorporates actionable and real-time business intelligence to study the vehicle’s behavioral data. 

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Critical Trackon ELD Features

When talking about the critical features of the Trackon ELD, here are a few explained for you.


trackon eld reviewThe best and most attractive thing about the Trackon ELD is that it is highly affordable. With the features packed into the solution, it is obvious that the pricing would track on the higher end. However, that is not the case with the Trackon ELD device. 

2-IFTA Reporting:

In a normal world scenario, IFTA reporting isn’t actually supported by many ELD devices. However, the Trackon ELD is actually a slight difference in this regard. The electronic logging solution comes with reporting and compliance tools. The function is primarily designed to assist the fleet owners in adhering to the tax filing and record-keeping obligations.

3-Fleet Management:

Among the ELD solutions that offer fleet management services is the Truckon ELD. This ELD solution has been designed to enhance the efficiency of the company. Apart from this, the company also provides precise & user-friendly data reports. 

4-HoS Reports:

trackon eld reviewDon’t want to get on the wrong end of your country’s transportation laws? It’s time for you to consider the Trackon ELD solution. This ELD solution can assist you with relevant and timely reports with regard to HoS violations. This eventually can assist the fleet managers and drivers in preventing any legal situation.

5-Vehicle Tracking:

The best way to avoid any risks related to the fleet & improve customer satisfaction is to invest in an ELD that provides all these along with vehicle tracking. 

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Pros and Cons

Before we get to know more about the features, let us take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of using the Trackon ELD solution.

  • User-friendly application
  • Easy to install
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • App shows a random status change
  • Connectivity issues
  • Problems editing the AOBRD logs
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Trackon ELD Pricing

Although the pricing can vary as per the Trackon ELD product you order, the basic Trackon Lite ELD will cost you $350 plus the additional $15 service charge. 

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How to Install the Trackon ELD?

The Trackon ELD is an easy-to-install device that works on the plug-n-play format. The device comes with 3 analog inputs that support 0-5V of power. Apart from this, the device also has 1 analog input that supports 0-30V. With the Trackon ELD, you also get an SMA connector that supports the GPS antenna. In case you do have trouble setting things up, you can always seek help from the customer support team. 

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How does the Trackon ELD work?

The Trackon ELD works on a Lithium-ion battery apart from the usual connection. It has an operating voltage of 8V-30V with an average power consumption of 200mA. The Trackon ELD helps keep track of the vehicle with the help of the GPS services. 

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Who can use the Trackon ELD?

The Trackon ELD has been designed for fleet owners, managers, and drivers that want to keep things in line with the on-road law requisites. With the ELD solution, you can easily generate reports on-demand or communicate with other drivers as required. 

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How can you order the Trackon ELD?

trackon eld reviewThe Trackon ELD isn’t sold individually for the fleets, rather in bulk for the companies invested in fleet services and management. In order to place your order, visit the official website and choose a product you want to order.

You can go for a risk-free trial of 14-days to ensure this is the one you want your vehicles to be fitted with.  If you have doubts regarding the Trackon ELD and need some answers to your queries, you can get in touch with the customer service representatives at 888-512-2198 or 888-512-1328. You can also mail the team at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

1-Is the Trackon ELD 3G/4G compatible?

Answer: The Trackon ELD utilizes the 3G/4G network to provide you with unbeatable accuracy & dependability with regards to network. You can also view the fleet with maximum accuracy in real-time. 

2-How does Trackon ELD’s cloud-based feature work?

Answer: With Trackon ELD, you can access your data any time of the day if you have a proper internet connection. The company also uses advanced features in terms of security for data. 

3-Does the Trackon ELD enhance the vehicle’s efficiency?

Answer: Trackon ELD’s fleet tracking system can easily enhance the productivity of the business. You can keep track of the idle hours that saves fuel costs or labor costs in the long term. 

4-Does the ELD provide enhanced fleet and driver safety?

Answer: Trackon ELD keeps track of the two critical aspects of your business: the people & the vehicles. With this ELD solution, you will get to know the overall performance of the drivers and know exactly where the trucks are for safety purposes. 

5-How does the Trackon ELD enhance productivity?

Answer: With the Trackon ELD, you get access to features such as temperature tracking, fuel monitoring, as well as system warnings. If you are a fleet manager, the monitoring technology can help improve the fleet’s efficiency. 

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If you are looking for the easiest way to switch from the AOBRD to the ELD solution, you should definitely give the Trackon ELD a big yes. This uniquely blended mandate device helps with a significant decrease in the operating expenses. With robust reporting options, unbeatable reliability, as well as network speed/accuracy makes the Trackon ELD one of the best solutions available in the market.


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